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Underworlds – Mix of Bands

“Had I been secondborn, the people of Khemri would have served me gladly, and the city would have prospered. If you would blame anyone, blame those damned gods you so adore. It was they who made me no more than a first son. It was their will who ultimately sealed you inside that tomb.”

Hello Community!

Today we wanna highlight some warbands from Warhammer: Underworlds by Games Workshop – a tense showdown between two warbands in the darkest depths of Mortal Realms, seeking answers, glory or treasure. Here you can find: Kainan Reapers, Elathain’s Soulraid and Dread Pageant – three bands from previous edition (Direchasm).

 Have you ever played Underworlds? It’s definitely worth to try!

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