Terrain – Multiverse Gaming Mainframe / Supercomputer



In today’s post I would like to present you a model of a supercomputer / workstation prepared by one of our artists. Terrain produced by Multiverse Gaming is made of HDF and thick model cardboard. Fitting the parts is quite good, assembly along with cleaning / grinding takes a little time.

The model after minor conversions (added ground texture and pipes) received quite intense, striking colors. It will be great for every Fallout and Warhammer 40k table 🙂

The key to painting intense colors on the terrains made of HDF is to correctly base them. In our studio we use quite a thickly airbrushed primer Vallejo Matt Black Surface Primer, which after 24 hours we spray Vallejo Grey Surface Primer.

Commission painting services – minisforwar@gmail.com or Messenger.