Terrain – Boxes and containers [Kromlech & GW]


In today’s post, we continue with the terrains for gaming table. On the pictures you can see models from two sets: Imperial Supply Containers & Crates (Kromlech) and Munitorum Armoured Containers (GW).

Boxes and containers are an almost obligatory element of the battle table, which aspires to reconstruct an industrial zone, a transshipment port or a warehouse. They vary in appearance and create modular covers, which can be almost freely modified. Several stacked containers completely block the line of sight for even the largest models.

A big surprise was the high quality of the terrains produced by Kromlech. All the elements were cut out in HDF with high precision, perfectly matching each other. The material is not thick and clumsy, but still very durable. Many other manufacturers do not pay attention to such details.

GW “gothic containers” are well known – their aesthetics does not suit everyone, but fits in with the general style of Sector Mechanicus. 🙂

Models painted by our artists.

Painting orders – minisforwar@gmail.com or Messenger.