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40k – Various Terrain Pieces

The Importance of Terrain Pieces in Wargames Terrain pieces are an integral part of wargaming, particularly in games like Kill Team and Warhammer 40,000. These miniature games require a detailed and immersive battlefield for players to engage in intense skirmishes, and terrain pieces play a crucial role in creating such an environment. First and foremost, 40k – Various Terrain Pieces

Collectibles – 15mm miniatures

Mix of 15mm collectible miniatures We want to show you universal miniatures in 15mm scale. They feature a variety of armie and can be used in many different wargames, but also as a display part due to their details to size ratio. Dwarves are a fictional species often depicted in mythology and fantasy literature. They Collectibles – 15mm miniatures

Terrains – Vietnam in 10mm – big set / 3D Print

Hello Wargamers! 3D printing is amazing 🙂 One of you send us files and commissioned printing&painting services for big set of terrains for Vietnam theme board in 10mm scale. All files designed by WOW Buildings. Below you may find massive gallery of all models painted by our great Artists. If you want to order your Terrains – Vietnam in 10mm – big set / 3D Print

Flames of War – British Forces

Hello Wargamers! Small scales are back! 😀 Today-  painted forces for Flames of War system from Battlefront (15 mm scale). Mostly British regular infantry but also some paratroopers, artillery and different planes. It’s good to see this wargame alive but supply of models in EU is terrible (right now in 2021). I hope distributor will Flames of War – British Forces

Other projects – Blood&Plunder, Cyberpunk, D&D

Hello Wargamers! Saturday chillout and another pack of projects from our Studio! I’d like to show you really diverse gallery with Cyberpunk, Black Sails, Blood and Plunder and Dungeons&Dragons miniatures. Most of the models are appearing on the blog for the first time and I love what interesting sculpts can be found on the market. Other projects – Blood&Plunder, Cyberpunk, D&D

40k – C’tan Shard

Howdy Wargamers! Hope you are safe and doing great! In today’s entry we got C’tan Shrad for you, let’s hop in! C’tan Shards are very mysterious creatures and powerful Necron creatures. They are capable of manipulating and disturbing time flow, controling minds of other beings or even banishing enemies to alternative realities. The models are 40k – C’tan Shard

40k – Necron Army – Tesseract Ark

Last, but definitely not least! Necron Tesseract Ark is one of the most powerful and technologically advanced war machine in 41st century. We put a lot of effort into this model and we are pretty happy with the results! Our Necron army is complete. Necrons will prevail once again! Commission painting services:

40k – Necron Army – C’tan Shards

C’tan Shards are one of the most mysterious creatures in Necron Army. Their power is nearly limitless. C’tan Shards are capable of manipulating flow of time, controling the minds of lesser beings or even banishing enemies to alternative realities. The models are just fantastic, perfectly reflecting lightness of this beings. Commission painting services:  

40k – Necron Army – Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct Body

Today we are gladly presenting you new addition to our Necron Army – Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct Body model! This enormous vehicle is a mystery! None of living can remember origins or actual purpose of this war machine, but devastation it causes on the battlefield is unforgettable! Necrons are coming! Commission painting services:

Monsterpocalypse – Destroyers Army

Hey Wargamers! In second post about Monsterpocalypse I would like to show you Destroyers Army painted by one of our artists. Monstrous Planet Eaters are ready for clash with any Protectors titan! This small, action-packed system is perfect as a filler for bigger wargames like Warmachine or upcoming Warcaster. Enjoy this small gallery below. If Monsterpocalypse – Destroyers Army