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MCP – Agent Venom & Beta Ray Bill

Sort of Marvel Newest Characters in Crisis Protocol Spider-Woman, also known as Jessica Drew, is a Marvel Comics character who possesses superhuman strength, agility, and the ability to produce bio-electric “venom blasts” from her fingertips. She was initially introduced as a villain in the 1970s, but later became a heroic figure and member of the MCP – Agent Venom & Beta Ray Bill

MCP – Mix of Projects #6

Hello there! Here we go with some miniatures from Marvel Crisis Protocol. All what I write here is based on comics. “It takes more than bullets — or a harlot’s kiss — to kill Nathaniel Essex.” Here we have Nathaniel Essex and Piotr Rasputin. First of them is widely known as Mister Sinister and once MCP – Mix of Projects #6