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small scale

Warmaster – 3mm Armies

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” Hello there! Today we want to show you three very special armies for the game known as Warmaster.  Rick Priestley created the Warmaster ruleset for tabletop wargames, which is set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe and is distributed by Specialist Games (a branch of Games Workshop). Both Warmaster – 3mm Armies

Warmaster – Albion Army / 10mm

Hello Wargamers! Small scale strikes again 🙂 This time I’d like to show you Albion army in 10mm Warmaster scale. It is a mix of fantasy & celtic/gallic inspirations – eagles, chariots, infantry with characteristic shields. Below you may find small gallery of units. If you want to work with our Studio – send us Warmaster – Albion Army / 10mm

Battletech / Mechwarrior – Battlegroups

Hello Wargamers! Special post with unique miniatures – I’d like to show you some different battlegroups from Strato Minis Studio. This manufacture is specialized in sci-fi military models and you can check full range of their products HERE. Red unit comes from Death Ray Desigs Small scales are super challenging because you have to find Battletech / Mechwarrior – Battlegroups

Terrains – Vietnam in 10mm – big set / 3D Print

Hello Wargamers! 3D printing is amazing 🙂 One of you send us files and commissioned printing&painting services for big set of terrains for Vietnam theme board in 10mm scale. All files designed by WOW Buildings. Below you may find massive gallery of all models painted by our great Artists. If you want to order your Terrains – Vietnam in 10mm – big set / 3D Print

Warmaster – Dwarf Army – 3D print

Hello Wargamers! 3D printing = future of wargaming 🙂 Today I’d like to show you Dwarf army in 10mm scale. All models were 3d printed and to be honest they are the best (quality, details) models I have ever seen in 10mm! If you are a Warmaster fan, there’s ever been a better time to Warmaster – Dwarf Army – 3D print

Historical – 7 Years War Project – Cavalry

Hello Wargamers! HERE and HERE we had a chance to show you massive 7 Year War project in 10 mm scale. Hundreds (thousands!) of miniatures painted according to historical realities. It was a great project and extraordinary challenge for the whole painting team. Today I’d like to share last post and last models related to Historical – 7 Years War Project – Cavalry

Battlefleet Gothic – Orks BIG Armada

Hello Wargamers! Today I would like to show you a nice project for Battlefleet Gothic. It’s really old system, currently out of production so all miniatures you can see here are rare. Despite the years, the models still look good – orkish’ design, some nice details. Of course in compare to eg. Dropfleet Commander they Battlefleet Gothic – Orks BIG Armada

Battletech – Starter Set

Hey! Today I would like to show you miniatures from Battletech Game of Armored Combat –  Starter Set. These little but detailed mechs are awesome! Miniatures are made of soft plastic and some cleaning and removing of mould lines is absolutely necessary. The key to this paintjob is pre-shading and and really thin layers of Battletech – Starter Set