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WFB – Bretonnia Display Army

Bretonnia – moving back in time with magnificent Display miniatures! Bretonnia is a feudal kingdom that is heavily inspired by medieval Europe, and their army is a reflection of this. The Bretonnian army is known for its knights, who are the backbone of their military forces. They are heavily armored and highly skilled in mounted WFB – Bretonnia Display Army

Battle Bases for Your Models!

Heya y’all! Alien World Classic Are you looking for a unique and personalized touch to your miniature collection? Look no longer! Our webstore offers a wide variety of handcrafted bases that add a touch of uniqueness to your miniature collection, making them truly stand out. Skulls 3D Printed Our bases are carefully crafted by experienced Battle Bases for Your Models!

Collectible – Fire Giant & Futuristic Samurais

Hello there! We want to show you some 3D printed collectible models. First one is Fire Giant from  Archvillain Games. We think that the final outcome of painting on him looks astounding, especially on his cape. If you want to see more amazing models from AG painted by us you should definitely check this post! Collectible – Fire Giant & Futuristic Samurais