Minis For War Painting Studio


Warhammer – Orc hunters and greenskin enemies!

Hello Wargamers! I would like to take you on a nostalgic journey to the Old World and introduce Greenskins Hunters warband. This is a  group of adventurers, warriors, and thugs who specialized in hunting orcs. I think these sculptures perfectly capture the atmosphere of oldschool Warhammer we are able to get at RPG sessions 🙂 Warhammer – Orc hunters and greenskin enemies!

40k – Orc City – Sneak Peek

Hello Wargamers, hope you are great! With this sneak peek, I am very excited to start all new series today! In the next few days we will be revealing one of the coolest projects we had pleasure to participate in 2020! Get your hands together for the Orc City. You’ve probably never seen anything like 40k – Orc City – Sneak Peek

40k – Ragnar and Ghazghkull

They are finally here! We’ve been waiting so long for Ragnar and Ghazghkull to come out and recreate an epic battle! As some of you may know, Ragnar took on Ghazgkull in White Dwarf battle report and even then Black Mane was seeking to claim the head of the Orc Warlord. The history was also 40k – Ragnar and Ghazghkull

BloodBowl – The Gouged Eye – Orc Team

Another BloodBowl team, we had a pleasure to work with: The Gouged Eye an Orc Team! These guys don’t play fair and are supported by fearsome Troll, would you dare challenging them? Commission painting services: