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orc city

40k – Orc City, part II

Hello Wargamers! Hope you enjoyed Part I of our Orc City and are excited for more! Today is the day when we are revealing part II. Entry will be featuring probably the most iconic part of town – the Stronghold! It comes in all shapes and colors, just purely perfectly-imperfect building! Every wall is covered 40k – Orc City, part II

40k – Orc City, part I

Hello Wargamers! I am very happy to start Orc City series today! Even though our studio is mostly known for painting miniatures, we also love dealing with other hobby jobs. Gaming with wonderfully painted miniatures is a great pleasure, but to make in an ultimate experience appropriate scenery is a must have! When I found 40k – Orc City, part I

40k – Orc City – Sneak Peek

Hello Wargamers, hope you are great! With this sneak peek, I am very excited to start all new series today! In the next few days we will be revealing one of the coolest projects we had pleasure to participate in 2020! Get your hands together for the Orc City. You’ve probably never seen anything like 40k – Orc City – Sneak Peek