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old world

Board Game – The Witcher: Old World

Go to an epic adventure with The Witcher: Old World Board Game!

Premiere of The Old World!


WFB – Ogre Kingdoms

The Mighty and Savage Ogres of the Warhammer Fantasy The Ogre Kingdoms are a faction in the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop game and lore, known for their brutal strength and insatiable appetite. These monstrous creatures, also known as Ogres, hail from the Mountains of Mourn, a harsh and treacherous range located to the east of the WFB – Ogre Kingdoms

Warmaster – 10mm Dwarves – Part II

Hello Wargamers! Not so long ago we painted the main part of Dwarfs Army in 10mm scale and this is the Wave II. Some additional units and warmachines completed in our Studio. 3D printing is absolutely insane in small scales and is ahead of the “clasically produced” models (like Pendraken) in terms of quality and Warmaster – 10mm Dwarves – Part II