Minis For War Painting Studio


Dungeons & Dragons – Monsters

Howdy Wargamers! We are taking you to fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons. During summer time we’ve been working on couple of D&D monster projects, that we want to uncover today! In my opinion, painted miniatures work great on climatic RPG sessions, as they interact with imagination on a completely different level! Really proud how Dungeons & Dragons – Monsters

Board Games – Kingdom Death: Monster

I think we all agree Kickstarter has revolutionized board games market! The quality of the models and gaming experience itself has skyrocket! In today’s post we would like to show a game with outstanding miniatures: Kingdom Death: Monster. Kingdom Death: Monster is a strategy board game dedicated to be played by 4 players who take Board Games – Kingdom Death: Monster

40k – Tyranid Hierodules

Hey Wargamers! Today I would like to share with you massive Tyranid Hierodules painted by one of our artists. These beasts are really huge! We also converted them a bit and now they have big bio-cannons on the top ­čÖé Miniatures are detailed, dynamic and strong on the battle table. Enjoy small gallery of these 40k – Tyranid Hierodules

Age of Sigmar – Flamespyre Phoenix

[:pl] Cze┼Ť─ç! W dzisiejszym wpisie chcia┼ébym Wam zaprezentowa─ç dwa modele Flamespyre Phoenix do gry Age of Sigmar. Figurki nale┼╝a┼éy niegdy┼Ť do armii High Elves, obecnie znale┼║─ç je mo┼╝ecie w szeregach Grand Alliance Order. Modele mimo up┼éywu kilku lat od ich wydania wci─ů┼╝ broni─ů si─Ö wy┼Ťmienicie dobr─ů rze┼║b─ů. Ptaki wygl─ůdaj─ů dynamicznie, gro┼║nie i bojowo, a przecie┼╝ Age of Sigmar – Flamespyre Phoenix