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40k – Ork Airpower

Orkimedes deliver! Take to the skies with the Orks’ wildest flying machines!

40k – Orks Engineering & Machines

Ork Machines and Engineering The Orks are a warlike, aggressive and extremely tough race in the grim dark future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Their culture is focused around constant warfare and conquest, and they love nothing more than a good fight. To support their war effort, Orks rely on their ability to scavenge and 40k – Orks Engineering & Machines

Board Games: The Hunters A. D. 2114

Hello Wargamers! During this week we will be focusing on our board game projects! The first entry will be devoted to a cooperative game – The Hunters A. D. 2114 Anno Dominum 2114. New sources of energy and advanced technology allowed humanity to create nearly self-sufficient machines. Serving mankind in every field of economy, replacing Board Games: The Hunters A. D. 2114