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40k – What’s inside upcoming Leviatan Box?

Leviatan – a new starter set box for 10th Edition of Warhammer 40k Hello Wargamers! As many of you may know, preorders for the Leviatan box started last saturday! This Starter Set will revolutionize your Warhammer 40k games forever. But we are today to tell you what exactly you could find in this particular set. 40k – What’s inside upcoming Leviatan Box?

40k – Tyranid Ladybugs II

Hello Wargamers! I’d like to share next wave of red-ladybug style Tyranids. This time a few huge monsters and support units: Hive Tyrant Dimachaeron Tyrant Guard Warriors Zoanthropes and much more! All models painted by our great Artists 🙂 If you want to place a commission – send us a message: