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30k – World Eaters

The World Eaters: Khorne’s Bloodthirsty Warriors of the Horus Heresy The World Eaters were once a proud and loyal Space Marine Legion, but during the Horus Heresy, they were corrupted by the Chaos God Khorne and became some of the most fearsome and bloodthirsty warriors in the galaxy. Led by the Primarch Angron, the World 30k – World Eaters

40k – Angron, Daemon Primarch of Khorne

Angron, the Tragic Primarch of the World Eaters Angron, the Primarch of the World Eaters Legion, is one of the most tragic figures in the history of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Born on the planet of Nuceria, Angron was abducted by the forces of the Emperor and was transformed into a weapon of war to 40k – Angron, Daemon Primarch of Khorne

40k – Chaos Berzerkers

Unleashing the Fury: The Berzerkers of Chaos Chaos Space Marines are corrupted factions of the once noble Space Marines, who have turned to worship the Chaos gods and engage in acts of wanton destruction and chaos. One of the most feared units within the Chaos Space Marine army are the Berzerkers. Berzerkers are Chaos Space 40k – Chaos Berzerkers

AoS/40k – Bloodthirster

Hello Fellow Cultists! Here we go with one of the most brute daemons in the universe of Warhammer 40k The Bloodthirster is a formidable Daemon Prince of Khorne, the Chaos God of War and Slaughter. It is depicted as a towering, horned demon wielding a massive axe and leading armies of lesser daemons into battle. AoS/40k – Bloodthirster

40k – Chaos War Dogs

“The Imperium is a weak old man, ready and waiting to be broken apart by his vengeful sons.“ Hello there! Here we go with some War Dogs for Chaos Knights from Warhammer 40k.  If you want to read some lore about Chaos Knights themselves check our other post about them. In game Chaos Knights can 40k – Chaos War Dogs

40k – Be’Lakor Green

“Be’lakor was the very first mortal raised to the exalted rank of Daemon Prince, though what sacrifices he made and what horrors he inflicted to do so are lost even to the oldest tales. However it was Be’lakor that drew the Chaos Gods’ gaze — he somehow managed to intrigue all four of the dark 40k – Be’Lakor Green

40k – Khorne World Eaters

“Make war upon the Imperium of Man? What is it you think the Legions have been doing for the last ten thousand years? War does not end with a single victory or a single planet. It is an eternal creature that outlives men and their tiny triumphs.“ Hello Community! 😀 Today we want to show 40k – Khorne World Eaters

Warcry – Khorne Daemons forces

Hello Wargamers! Our team had a chance to work on solid Khorne warband for Warcry system. It could be also a solid base for Age of Sigmar army! 😀 Below you may find a few more photos of units and heroes. It was a great commission 🙂 If you want to work with our Artists, Warcry – Khorne Daemons forces

AoS – Khorne Bloodbound Forces

Hello Wargamers! Blood for the Blood God, skulls for the Skull Throne! This update is focused on Khorne miniatures for Age of Sigmar. We painted some cool sculpts from old starter set – I totally love this Lord and icon bearer 🙂 And of course another Skarbrand in our portfolio. Enjoy! 😀 If you want AoS – Khorne Bloodbound Forces

40k – Massive Chaos Space Marines Army!

Hello Wargamers! Very special post today – truly massive Chaos Space Marines army painted by our Artists some time ago 🙂 As you may see, we made almost all available units and heroes for this faction and it was a GREAT challenge for all painters and assembling team. Below you may find some additional photos. 40k – Massive Chaos Space Marines Army!