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hive fleet

40k – Green Tyranids

Tyranids are more than mindless bugs!

40k – Tyranids Hive Fleet Cetu

Are you prepared to face the Tyranid threat?

40k – Hive Fleet Leviathan

Tumultuous history of Hive Fleet Leviathan and the emergence of the Fourth Tyrannic War

40k – Tyranids Leviathan

Explore the Tyranids, a relentless extragalactic species, as they pose a grave threat to all life in the galaxy.

40k – Tyranid Hierophant Biotitan

Hello Wargamers! Today I would like to show you really unique project made by our artists. It is converted Tyranid Biotitan, created for one of our customers. The main conversion is the big, bio-sack under the body, full of slim, bile and Termagaunts. It was really challenging project and I am so happy to be 40k – Tyranid Hierophant Biotitan