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hive city

Necromunda – Van Saar Gang

Hello Wargamers! Are there any Necromunda fans? Personally I am a huge enthusiast of that skirmish system, so was very excited, when one of our Clients requested commission for Van Saar Gang. The paintjob was inspired by GW’s original painting scheme, we decided though, to use some brighter green and stronger highlights. Also added bit Necromunda – Van Saar Gang

Necromunda – Ambots, Goliath Gang and Orlock Gang

Hello Wargamers! Hope you are enjoying our little Necromunda series! Today, we prepared for you Ambots, Goliath Gang and Orlock Gang! Each of them represents different skills and playing style. Models were exceedingly pleasurable to paint. Really like working with quality miniatures. Stay tuned for more 🙂 Commission painting services:  

Necromunda – Escher Gang & Cawdor Gang

Hello Wargamers! Hope you are having a wonderful time during Christmas! Today we’ll be adding another two gangs to our Necromunda portfolio: Escher Gang and  Cawdor Gang. I think both of them are very interesting options! Escher Gang might catch a little more attention, as it fits perfectly in probably the hottest gaming topic right Necromunda – Escher Gang & Cawdor Gang

Necromunda – Corpse Grinders & Enforcers

Hello Wargamers! We are so excited to add a very new section to our website. With this post, we would like to present you a game of Necromunda! Necromunda is a 2-4 players skirmish wargame created and manufactured by Games Workshop. The action takes place in the 41st millenium in the depths of Hive City Necromunda – Corpse Grinders & Enforcers