Minis For War Painting Studio

high level

Malifaux – English Ivan and Ironsides

Hello Wargamers! I wanted to start this year with something special and two Malifaux warbands painted on high level are probably the best opening! Below you may find detailed gallery of English Ivan and Ironsides boxes. All models painted by one of our great Artists 🙂 If you want to work with us and create Malifaux – English Ivan and Ironsides

40k – Legion of the Damned – Heroes and Eradicators

Hello Wargamers! After a short break I’d like to share with you a couple of models for Legion of the Damned army – Eradicators, Chaplain on Bike, Techmarine and Librarian in Phobos Armour 🙂 This is absolutely challenging project for our Artists and soon I’ll be able to post some really cool vehicles and a 40k – Legion of the Damned – Heroes and Eradicators

AoS – Mazarall the Butcher, Daemon Prince of Khorne

Hello Wargamers! Sometimes we have a chance to paint truly unique model and this time I’d like to show you Mazarall the Butcher from Forge World. It is greater daemon of Khorne for Age of Sigmar system. I totally love his shield and greataxe 😀 As a small bonus – unit of Bloodletters. Enjoy!