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Dungeons & Dragons – Goblin Wolf Riders

Hello Wargamers, how are you all doing today? Today’s entry will be dedicated to Goblin Wolf Riders. Those miniatures are iconic to almost any fantasy world and will make a great addition to narrative games of D&D or any other RPG systems. Quality and design are pretty solid. Really like how the producer decided, to Dungeons & Dragons – Goblin Wolf Riders

Dungeons & Dragons – Ettin & Water Elemental

Hello Wargamers! Today we’ll be featuring Ettin & Water Elemental! Those miniatures can be used in D&D, or any other RPG sessions, as they are pretty common in a fantasy world. Both of them were vastly enjoyable to paint. Due to size and complexity we spent a lot more time on a Ettin. Our goal Dungeons & Dragons – Ettin & Water Elemental

Dungeons & Dragons – Monsters

Hello Wargamers! Today, we would like to remind you “good old times” when friendly meetings on RPG sessions were on the daily bases. Dungeons & Dragons is a heroic role-playing game take place in a fantasy world. You will find yourself in a world of magic, powerful deities and exotic races. Each player, except for Dungeons & Dragons – Monsters

Dungeons & Dragons – Drows

We are very excited to show you Drows from Dungeons & Dragons painted by our talented artists! Those mysterious, elf-like creatures living in the Underdark are a very proud and merciless race. Their greatest enemies are Elves with whom they wage wars from the very old times. I personally think the miniatures turned out great, Dungeons & Dragons – Drows

Dungeons & Dragons – Cloud Giant

It’s been quite some time since we shared anything Dungeons & Dragons related, so we got something big for you today – Cloud Giant! I really think the combination of blues and golds looks great on him. Such a beatiful and majestic model!   You can also check our Etsy Store where you can buy ready-to-play D&D Dungeons & Dragons – Cloud Giant

Dungeons & Dragons – Noluzr’s Marvelous Miniatures – Part 1

Hello RPG fans! Today we would like to start a new series on our blog. Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular system in the world – thousands DM and much more adventurers who every week explore vast dungeons and dark forests. We decided to take several Nolzur’s Marvelous models (and not only) to the Dungeons & Dragons – Noluzr’s Marvelous Miniatures – Part 1