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grot tank

40k – Orks Gretchin Army

“What’s it? What’s it? Give Sniklat the shiny.” ‘Ello humies! We fight cos we woz born to fight. And win. And over dere you kan watch our army. We have plenty of Dakka. And well, ‘course dis one’s betta dan uvva orks ova dere! It’s lotz ‘eavier, and gots dem spikey bitz on de ends! 40k – Orks Gretchin Army

40k – Grot Tank Army

Aren’t you sometimes a little bored with perfectly designed and fitted Imperial vehicles? Don’t you think it would be interesting if you could just weld together some metal and just believe it will work? Today we are proudly presenting you one of our coolest projects! Grot Tank Army! The army is absolutely insane, models are 40k – Grot Tank Army