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Galactic Empire

Start Collecting: Galactic Empire

“Long live the Empire” Hello there! Today we’re going with the next part of our “Start Collecting” series and in this one we will spot Galactic Empire! There is no “the best” product that you can buy at start, choosing between Core Set and Blizzard Force Battleforce Pack. It’s all dependent on the way you Start Collecting: Galactic Empire

Legion – Rebels Hoth

“We Have Hope. Rebellions Are Built On Hope!” Hello there! We want to show you some Rebel Alliance miniatures from Star Wars: Legion. Their paint scheme was inspired by the Battle of Hoth (3ABY). This battle is one of the most famous across all movies. It is treated as a major victory for the Galactic Legion – Rebels Hoth

Legion – Empire Mix

“Long Live the Empire!” Hello there! Today we want to present to you some Galactic Empire miniatures: Iden Versio, Agent Alexsandr Kallus and General Maximilian Veers as well as Dewback Rider and Imperial Special Forces Del Meeko and Gideon Hask. All of these miniatures are from Star Wars: Legion which premiered 4,5 year ago! Which Legion – Empire Mix

Star Wars: Legion – Shoretroopers

Hello Wargamers! How are you doing today? This entry will be dedicated to Shoretroopers painted by our team! Shoretroopers are a specialized variant of the stormtroopers trained and equipped for combat in tropical environments. That crucial Galactic Empire’s unit wielded both the E-11 blaster rifle and the upgraded E-22 blaster rifle.  It was a great Star Wars: Legion – Shoretroopers

Star Wars: Legion – Clan Wren

Hello Wargamers! How are you guys doing today? In this entry, I’d like to show you bunch of Clan Wren units painted by our Studio! Personally I am a huge fan of Clan Wren squad, probably my favorite troop models within entire range of Star Wars: Legion. Love their design and dynamic sculpts, especially those Star Wars: Legion – Clan Wren

Star Wars: Legion – Boba Fett and Scout Troopers

Hello Wargamers, hope you are having a wonderful weekend! In this short entry, we will be featuring probably the most famous bounty hunter – Boba Fett as well as Scout Troopers. All miniatures are very iconic and believe are well known by any Star Wars fan. Painting job inspired by FFG’s boxart. Really enjoy working Star Wars: Legion – Boba Fett and Scout Troopers

Star Wars: Legion – Rebel units

“Make ten men feel like a hundred.” Hello Wargamers! How are you all doing today? Today we’ll be featuring some Rebel units from Star Wars: Legion! Even tough we’ve painted a handful amount of them through last year, we really feel like there is still a lot to uncover! Each group is unique in their Star Wars: Legion – Rebel units

Star Wars: Legion – Clone Wars/ Clone Army

Greetings Wargamers! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! In this entry, we would like to uncover the Clone Army from Clone Wars, painted by our team! I really enjoy working on Clones! They may appear simple and kind of boring to some, but imo sometimes less is more. Miniatures recreate their original movie/ show look very Star Wars: Legion – Clone Wars/ Clone Army

Star Wars: Legion – T-47 Air Speeders & Rebel Veterans

Hello Wargamers! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! I really feel like Star Wars: Legion is getting more and more popular! It might be happening either due to all the Star Wars hype that is going on, or because it’s just a pretty good and fun game. I guess it’s probably combination of both, really hoping, Star Wars: Legion – T-47 Air Speeders & Rebel Veterans

Star Wars: Legion – Vehicles

Hello Everyone, hope you are enjoying your weekend! 🙂 We are dedicating this entry to all our Star Wars: Legion fans! Miniatures, that catch your interest the most, usually would be the vehicles. We went through our gallery and picked three recent project, we think are worth sharing 🙂 All the models were inspired by Star Wars: Legion – Vehicles