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WFB – Ogre Kingdoms History

Dive into the intriguing history of the Ogre Kingdoms, from their ancient origins to their tumultuous present. Discover the untold stories and legends that have shaped this enigmatic land.

AoS/WFB – Nurgle Reinforcements

“All things must rot and all things must die. Embrace the end, for it is Nurgle’s gift to all his children.” Hello There! Today we want to show you reinforcements for the Nurgle army from Warhammer Fantasy Battle! The Nurgle army, followers of the Chaos god Nurgle, known as the Lord of Decay, are known AoS/WFB – Nurgle Reinforcements

WFB – Ogres and Yethees

“The new mountains gave us shelter… We made fire in their mouths… The tribes split the lands… The Tyrants roared and fought… There were many kingdoms… It was good for many winters… The tribes grew and grew too much. Now we follow the sun once more…“ Hello there! Today we have some Ogres and Yetis WFB – Ogres and Yethees

WFB/AoS – Magottkin of Nurgle

“Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts! Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! Blisters, fevers, weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours.“ Hello there! Here we go with Magottkin of Nurgle miniatures from Warhammer Age of Sigmar, prepared to Fantasy Battle / Oldhammer games. The Maggotkin, beloved childs of Grandfather Nurgle, Chaos God of disease, decay, despair, WFB/AoS – Magottkin of Nurgle

AoS – Lumineth Red Colour Scheme

“With Moon Staff and Sword, I am master of magics and shaper of fates. Destiny beckons and I must heed the call.“ Hello there! Today we want to present to you a Lumineth Realm-Lords army painted for one of our Customers. Centerpiece is a beautifully painted Archmage Teclis and Celennar, Spirit of Hysh but there AoS – Lumineth Red Colour Scheme

Warmaster – Roman Army

Hello there! We want to show you some Roman Army miniatures for Warmaster, an out-of-print system, formerly published by Games Workshop and set in the universe of Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  The system is quite unique due to its 10mm scale. The games involve command abilities of players rather than units raw power and abilities to Warmaster – Roman Army

WFB – High Elves

“We are the chosen of Asuryan, beloved of the gods and heirs to the world. Our armies are the finest in creation; swift where our foes are lumbering, cultured where they are barbaric. Give no thought to failure, nor defeat – we are the Children of Ulthuan and we shall prevail.“ Hello there! Today we WFB – High Elves

WFB – Dwarfs

“We sons of Grungni may have drunk deep from the bitter waters of misfortune, but we yet survive. Whilst a single Dwarf draws breath, we will fight the evils that assail us, and we will never, ever give up.“ Today we want to show you Dwarfs from Warhammer Fantasy Battle: Battle for Skull Pass, such WFB – Dwarfs

WFB / Age of Sigmar – Sylvaneth Army in oldhammer style

Hello Wargamers!   Our team just finished another amazing army for one of you! We were given an order with a simple guideline – we have to use new models from Sylvaneth’s army, but place them on square bases. Thanks to this the army is suitable for playing in old editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle WFB / Age of Sigmar – Sylvaneth Army in oldhammer style

Warmaster – 10mm Dwarves – Part II

Hello Wargamers! Not so long ago we painted the main part of Dwarfs Army in 10mm scale and this is the Wave II. Some additional units and warmachines completed in our Studio. 3D printing is absolutely insane in small scales and is ahead of the “clasically produced” models (like Pendraken) in terms of quality and Warmaster – 10mm Dwarves – Part II