W40K – Triumvirate of Ynnead – Visarch

Gathering Storm storyline has (for now) three books. Second one is focused on Eldars and Triumvirate of Ynnead box contains three amazing heroes – Yncarne, Visarch and Yvraine. In my opinion one of the best sculpts from GW – essence of Eldar race – subtle lines, gems, power weapons… I spent a lot of time[…]

W40K – Wargame Exclusive – Light Side Arahnide

Today something unusual. Some time ago I received small package from Ukraine. Light Side Arahnide set from Wargame Exclusive is one of the best resin kits I`ve ever seen. Really – it`s AWESOME. High quality of sculpt, high quality of material – no flashes, no bubbles. Dream! Kit is really expensive (45 Euro/5 miniatures) but[…]

W40K – Eldar Fire Prism Squadron

Hey Wargamers! Painting process of Eldar vehicles = soooo much fun. I did not expect that, really ๐Ÿ™‚ Today you may see Fire Prism Squadron – three offensive anit-gravs painted by me few weeks ago. Below you may find some pictures and second vesion of vehicles – Night Spinner (weapons on magnets). Enjoy!