Minis For War Painting Studio

dark mechanicum

40k – Forgefiends

“Daemonic fury, bound into the shells of metal beasts and set loose upon the galaxy. Tell me, mortal: have you ever seen such a glorious sight?“ Hello there! We want to show you Forgefiends for Warhammer 40k painted a while ago. They’re Daemon Engines used by Chaos Space Marines and forces of Dark Mechanicum; built 40k – Forgefiends

40k – Legion of the Damned Titan

Hello Wargamers! Another Warhound Titan is joining our portfolio! I am very proud to present you results of our work over that astonishing miniature! Our Client requested it to paint it in Legion of the Damned theme. We were pretty excited about this project, as we’ve never seen a Titan at that particular color scheme! 40k – Legion of the Damned Titan

40k – Chaos Reaver Titan

  Just like we promised, bigger Warhound Titan’s brother is here! Chaos Reaver Titan is superbly-well sculpted model, we put a lot of time and love into this model but I am pretty sure every minute was absolutely worth it! Just like his brother this Chaos warmachine stands on custom, laser-cut HDF base. We didn’t 40k – Chaos Reaver Titan

40k – Chaos Warhound Titan II

Second Warhound Titan painted in our workshop! I am extremally happy to show you this purple, colossal Chaos warmachine. This custom base is a laser-cut HDF with some spare parts from our bitsbox. Both weapons are magnetized. It was a great painting challenge and I can tell you right now that really soon we will 40k – Chaos Warhound Titan II