Minis For War Painting Studio


AoS – Cities of Sigmar Reinforcements

Cities of Sigmar stand as a beacon of hope against the encroaching forces of Chaos

New Wave of Battle Ready Bases!

Check them out!

Display Level Painting: Own a Masterpiece

Our Display Level Painting Service offers insane detail, lifelike effects, and expert techniques

Star Wars Collectible Miniatures

We paint miniatures of all sizes and from any universe

40k – Chaos Knights Alternate Scheme

Make your army stand out with alternate color schemes!

Infinity – PanOceania

Can they safeguard democracy in a war-torn galaxy?

Fallout – Wasteland Warfare

Fallout fan? Take your love for the wasteland to the next level!

Great War – German Army

Relive the epic battles of World War I with Flames of War Great War!

40k – Black Custodes

We offer wave-based commission painting to build your tabletop army month-by-month.

Shatterpoint – We Are Brave Squad Overview

Meet Heroic and Selfless Queen!