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Marvel Crisis Protocol / Batman – City Terrains

Hello Wargamers! In all skirmish games nice terrains are a very important factor in the enjoyment of the game. We have just a few miniatures and scenery around is as important as our units. In our Studio we had a chance to paint awesome buildings / kits from Multiverse Gaming (check them out!). Everything you Marvel Crisis Protocol / Batman – City Terrains

40k – Tyranid Biotitan (Alien vibes)

  Hello Wargamers! Another great project from our Studio. Biotitan is one of the biggest models in Warhammer 40k and main super-heavy for Tyranid army. Miniature was a challenge for our assembling team because it is not well-balanced and legs are fragile / thin. Some are not only glued but also pinned with steel rod. 40k – Tyranid Biotitan (Alien vibes)