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D&D Critical Role – Mighty Nein

The second Critical Role campaign is centered on the ragtag group of heroes in Wildemount known as Mighty Nein. D&D is the most popular RPG game in the world, which has evolved from the best of its previous editions. Today, as always we have fun not only from exploring dungeons, but also from discovering different, D&D Critical Role – Mighty Nein

Star Wars: Legion – Classic Core Set

OMG, we so love Star Wars Legion. Mostly for the story that is really diverse. Every minute is worth to explore the world of blasters, spaceships and unique monsters that can really frighten you. Would you lead your troops to victory? Yoda’s would say: Do, or do not. There is no try. Miniatures from Fantasy Star Wars: Legion – Classic Core Set

Warhammer 30k / Horus Heresy – White Scars Heroes

White armor is not so easy to paint, but it provide high contrast between the character and the base. Final effect can really depends on lots of things! We still discovering what works best and at what ratio. How do you like the Martian accent here? Commission painting services – //  Messenger.

Warcry – Daemons Warband

We would like to present 4 faces of the Gods of Chaos, gathered in one warband. We sometimes really like to paint in various ways depending on the feel. The colours seem to be a good selection so we are happy here. It was a lot of fun to use vibrant paints. Stay tuned! Commission Warcry – Daemons Warband