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Legion – Separatists Army

The Confederacy of Independent Systems: A Divided Galaxy’s Struggle The Confederacy of Independent Systems, often referred to as the CIS, was a significant faction in the Star Wars universe during the time of the Clone Wars. Formed as a separatist movement, the CIS aimed to break away from the Galactic Republic, leading to a prolonged Legion – Separatists Army

Build Your Army: Confederacy of Independent Systems (Separatists)

Hello there! Here we go with a third article from our series that is a little follow-up and a complement of our “Start Collecting”. Today we want to spot some CIS lists, according to our text that was published last week. In this series I will spot 3 lists per article, showcasing meta choices as Build Your Army: Confederacy of Independent Systems (Separatists)

Start Collecting Legion: Separatists

“All I know is I never risk my own skin if I don’t have to.“ – Nute Gunray Hello there! Here we go with a third part of our “Start Collecting” series and today we go to talk about the Confederacy of Independent Systems a.k.a. CIS or just Separatists. In my personal opinion you should Start Collecting Legion: Separatists

Legion – Separatists White

“You disappoint me.” Hello there! We want to show you some CIS miniatures for Star Wars: Legion. These ones are painted in an alternate, white color scheme. Confederacy of Independent Systems, simply referred to as Separatists, was a confederate breakaway government formed of star systems which had withdrawn as member-worlds of the Galactic Republic. Established Legion – Separatists White

SW Legion – Geonosis CIS

“I have good news for you, my Lord. War has begun!” “Excellent. Everything is going as planned.” Hello there! 😀 Today we want to show you some models from Star Wars: Legion. Battle of Geonosis was an inspiration to these CIS miniatures. That battle was shown in Star Wars Episode II which.. premiered 20 years SW Legion – Geonosis CIS

Star Wars: Legion – Droid Army

Hello Wargamers! We are back to one of our favorite gaming systems – Star Wars: Legion! Our team is very excited, to present you the Droid Army, we’ve been working on recently! I am really proud what we were able to achieve with that army. In my opinion, miniatures look very coherent when put together. Star Wars: Legion – Droid Army

Star Wars: Legion – BX-series Droid Commandos Unit Expansion

In today’s short post we would like to show you BX-series Droid Commandos Unit in Hoth/ winter style! I really do believe bases add a lot to models. sometimes even changing their overall look. The results are pretty interesting, you’ll like them! Commission painting services:

Star Wars: Legion – B1 Droids

Hello Wargamers! Today we are really happy to share with you, some results of working on one of the most iconic prequel characters – B1 Droids! Those guys are core units in almost any CIS army. Their strenght does not come from flamethrowers, shileds or self-destruct mode. Instead they base on massive amounts bolts from Star Wars: Legion – B1 Droids

Star Wars: Legion – AAT

AATs are heavy Separatist’s vehicles commissioned by the Trade Federation. Originally created as a land support for B1 Droids during Naboo invasion. The main destroying power comes from primary laser cannon assisted by secondary laser guns. Armored Assult Tanks, due to their reliability and advanced technology are a great addition to any CIS army! We Star Wars: Legion – AAT