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Necromunda – Mix of Gangs

House Cawdor House Cawdor is one of the major Houses in the sprawling hive city of Necromunda. They are known for their fervent devotion to the Imperial Cult, a religious sect that dominates their lives. Cawdor gang members often wear tattered robes and masks as they believe they are cleansing the underhive of heretics and Necromunda – Mix of Gangs

Necromunda & Kill team – Bunch of Bands

Hello there! Here we go with some bands for Kill Team and Necromunda. Both of these games are set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Kill Team is a competitive skirmish game, while Necromunda is mostly campaign-based experience. There will be one bonus band from Warcry – a skirmish game set in the Age of Sigmar Necromunda & Kill team – Bunch of Bands

Necromunda – Cawdor

Hello there! 😀 Guess what. We have a very well painted Cawdor Gang for Necromunda to show to you.  “House Cawdor is known as the bonepickers, scrap herders and midden-thieves, their vast “empire” is built on the discarded scraps of other clans and bound together by an unshakeable faith.” 🛠 We hope you like it! Necromunda – Cawdor