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Blood Warriors

AoS – Khorne Bloodbound Forces

Hello Wargamers! Blood for the Blood God, skulls for the Skull Throne! This update is focused on Khorne miniatures for Age of Sigmar. We painted some cool sculpts from old starter set – I totally love this Lord and icon bearer 🙂 And of course another Skarbrand in our portfolio. Enjoy! 😀 If you want AoS – Khorne Bloodbound Forces

AoS – Khorne Bloodbound Army Part IV

Howdy Wargamers! Today we are releasing the final, IV Part of our little series dedicated to Khorne Army! The whole process was quite of a journey, tons of time spent on planning it from the scratch as well as hundreds of working hours! It was totally worth it though! You always get that incomparable satisfaction AoS – Khorne Bloodbound Army Part IV

AoS – Khorne Bloodbound Army Part III

Hello Wargamers! Are you excited for another piece of our Bloodbound army? Without further ado, let’s hope into Part III! In last entry, we focused on single/ hero models, this one will be dedicated to the most numerous part of the army – troops! On the pictures, you will easily find Wrathmongers, supported by Blood AoS – Khorne Bloodbound Army Part III

AoS – Khorne Bloodbound Army Part I

Blood for Blood God, Skulls fo Skull Throne! Hello Wargamers! We are very excited to reavel one of the most massive projects, our studio had pleasure handling! Due to the size of the army, we decided to split the content into 4 parts. Without further ado, let’s get started! Khorne, also called the Blood God AoS – Khorne Bloodbound Army Part I