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blood bowl

Kromlech – Blood Bowl Stadium

“The dream of every Fantasy Bowl player is to take part in a Grand Championship at the greatest playing field – the Fantasy Bowl Stadium itself. Not everyone had the privilege to see this majestic, huge construction. The lucky ones that were able to qualify or get a ticket to previous annual Championships, tell stories Kromlech – Blood Bowl Stadium

Blood Bowl – Athelorn Avengers

“Well my friend, see the pain never ends: that’s Blood Bowl!” Hello Spectators!  The match will start soon, come, take a look, a famous elven team is preparing for this event! The Wood Elf team, called Athelorn Avengers, is painted by our talented Artists and ready to win a match for you! Do you have Blood Bowl – Athelorn Avengers

BloodBowl – Dark Elves and Undeads

Hello Wargamers! Quick update with some Blood Bowl miniatures we painted in workshop. As you may see, our Artists made small reinforcements for Dark Elves and full Undead team 🙂 Enjoy small gallery below and stay tuned. More updates soon!