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Legion – Mix of Projects

Hello there! We want to show you some miniatures for Star Wars: Legion today! Fleet Troopers These guys are a perfect option to hold an objective due to free tokens every time you perform a standby action! a deadly Scatter Gun will tear your opponent apart! Rebel Veterans & Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper These Legion – Mix of Projects

Build Your Army: Confederacy of Independent Systems (Separatists)

Hello there! Here we go with a third article from our series that is a little follow-up and a complement of our “Start Collecting”. Today we want to spot some CIS lists, according to our text that was published last week. In this series I will spot 3 lists per article, showcasing meta choices as Build Your Army: Confederacy of Independent Systems (Separatists)

Legion – Mix of Projects

  Hello there! Today we want to show you a mix of models, made for one of our customers. Here we can see all-known models like AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank, Super Tactical Droid and DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid as well as some custom miniatures. There are B3 Ultra Battle Droids, Lok Durd, Wat Tambor Legion – Mix of Projects

Star Wars: Legion – Republic & Separatist Army

Hello Wargamers! It’s been quite some time, since we shared our Star Wars: Legion commissions, so today, we’d like to make it up to you! This entry will be dedicated to Republic & Separatists! On the pictures, you’ll find almost a full spectrum of models available for those wonderful armies! Our Client decided to include: Star Wars: Legion – Republic & Separatist Army

Star Wars: Legion – Droid Army

Hello Wargamers! We are back to one of our favorite gaming systems – Star Wars: Legion! Our team is very excited, to present you the Droid Army, we’ve been working on recently! I am really proud what we were able to achieve with that army. In my opinion, miniatures look very coherent when put together. Star Wars: Legion – Droid Army

Star Wars: Legion – AAT

AATs are heavy Separatist’s vehicles commissioned by the Trade Federation. Originally created as a land support for B1 Droids during Naboo invasion. The main destroying power comes from primary laser cannon assisted by secondary laser guns. Armored Assult Tanks, due to their reliability and advanced technology are a great addition to any CIS army! We Star Wars: Legion – AAT