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28 mm

AoS – Steam Tank & Luminark

Hello Wargamers! How have you been? In today’s entry, I’d like to present you two magnificent vehicles, painted by our team! This post will be featuring Steam Tank & Luminark. Both of them were painted to a high standard, accordingly to original boxart. It was a very challenging, yet tremendously rewarding commission. Stay tuned! Commission AoS – Steam Tank & Luminark

40k – Mech Ork Heroes, Part II

Hello Wargamers! In this short entry, I’d like to reveal part II of our Mech Ork Heroes reinforcements. Get your hands together for more Mad Mek’s creations! Hope you’ll enjoy the gallery! Commission painting services:

40k – Mech Ork Heroes, part I

Gork loves me, and Mork finks I is da best. No puny oomies is gonna kill me, not when da greenest gods in da galaxy is watchin’ me! Hello Wargamers! Did you miss our Mech Orks? In this entry, we would like to uncover part I of heroes, we prepared, as a part of the 40k – Mech Ork Heroes, part I

40k – Indomitus Necron Army

“Cast off the shackles of your slumber! The galaxy shall be ours once again!” Hello Wargamers! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! In this post, we would like to introduce you to a Necron half of Indomitus! In my opinion, the set is a great entry point for all beginners, who would like to start 40k – Indomitus Necron Army

LotR – Lothlorien Heroes

Hello Wargamers! Any intersting plans for the weekend? In this entry, I’d like to share with you a small collection of Lothlorien Heroes from LotR gaming system. Even though miniatures are almost two decades old, somehow they still don’t feel outdated. Perry brothers did a tremendous job there, sculpts are just like right out of LotR – Lothlorien Heroes

40k – Blood Angels Army

Hello Wargamers! Blood Angels are one of the 21st founding legions of Space Marines. They are the noble descendants of the angelic of the primarchs and probably the most celebrated chapters in the eternity of the Imperium. Their countless heroic deeds and victories known to untold billions of the Emperor subjects across the length and 40k – Blood Angels Army

40k – Legion of the Damned Titan

Hello Wargamers! Another Warhound Titan is joining our portfolio! I am very proud to present you results of our work over that astonishing miniature! Our Client requested it to paint it in Legion of the Damned theme. We were pretty excited about this project, as we’ve never seen a Titan at that particular color scheme! 40k – Legion of the Damned Titan

Star Wars: Legion – Shoretroopers

Hello Wargamers! How are you doing today? This entry will be dedicated to Shoretroopers painted by our team! Shoretroopers are a specialized variant of the stormtroopers trained and equipped for combat in tropical environments. That crucial Galactic Empire’s unit wielded both the E-11 blaster rifle and the upgraded E-22 blaster rifle.  It was a great Star Wars: Legion – Shoretroopers

LotR – Evil Forces

Hello Wargamers! It’s been quite some time, since we shared any LotR projects! In this entry, we’d like to present you collection of Moria and Mordor miniatures, painted to a high standard. Even though majority of those models, are way over a decade old, somehow they still feel fresh! They may not be as detailed, LotR – Evil Forces

40k – Sister of Battle Army, Part III – Infantry

Howdy Wargamers! Today we are finishing our little Sisters of Battle Army series. Hope you are enjoying it as much as we do! I believe, this part may catch the most of attention, as it is always very impressive to see such massive amounts of model! In this entry, we will be uncovering the Infantry 40k – Sister of Battle Army, Part III – Infantry