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AoS – Stormcasts Side of Skaventide

Sigmar's Finest Await: Unleash the Fury of Your Stormcast Eternals in Age of Sigmar 4th Edition!

Sigmar’s Fury Unleashed! For Warhammer Age of Sigmar players, the arrival of the Stormcast Eternals in the Skaventide boxed set heralds a beacon of hope against the tide of chaos. These celestial warriors, reforged by the God-King Sigmar himself, offer a chance to experience the unwavering might of Order in all its glory.

This comprehensive guide equips you to unleash the righteous fury of the Stormcast Eternals. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new player taking your first steps into the Mortal Realms, this guide provides the knowledge to paint your Stormcast Eternals army with stunning detail and captivating their divine essence.

We’ll explore the iconic Stormcast chambers, each specializing in a unique style of warfare. Your Stormcast Eternals army can be tailored to your preferred battlefield tactics.

We’ll also delve into the celestial weapons and relics wielded by these paragons of Order. From the iconic Sigmarite hammers to the crackling stormcast weapons, you’ll discover the perfect tools to equip your Stormcast Eternals for any foe.

Your epic AoS battles begin with our brushes

Sigmar’s Light Shines Bright! The gnawing tide of the Skaven may rise, but the arrival of the Stormcast Eternals in the Skaventide boxed set offers a beacon of hope. With the launch of Warhammer Age of Sigmar 4th Edition on the horizon, Minis For War is excited to help you lead the charge against the Vermintide!

Unleash the Fury of Order: Our premium painting service for the Stormcast Eternals half of the Skaventide boxed set allows you to showcase these celestial warriors in all their radiant glory. Witness the gleaming Sigmarite armor, the crackling stormcast weapons, and the righteous fervor etched upon their faces. Our skilled painters will detail your Stormcast Eternals, transforming them into a breathtaking force on the tabletop.

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Sigmar's Finest: Unveiling the Stormcast Eternals

From the Heavens Descend Hope: While the Skaven menace crawls forth from the depths, the Stormcast Eternals descend from the celestial realms, offering a radiant counterpoint. In the Mortal Realms of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar, these warriors represent the unwavering might of Order, standing as a bulwark against the tide of chaos.

Forged in Azyr’s Light: Stormcast Eternals are not mere mortals. Reborn by the God-King Sigmar himself, they are champions imbued with celestial power. Their unwavering loyalty and righteous fury make them a formidable force against the Skaven’s treachery and madness.

Diverse Defenders: The Stormcast Eternals are not a monolithic force. Each chamber specializes in a unique form of warfare, offering a variety of tactical approaches. The resolute Liberators stand firm against the Skaven onslaught, while the swift Judicators rain down celestial wrath from afar. Understanding the strengths of each chamber allows you to tailor your Stormcast Eternals army to face any threat.

Facing the Vermintide: Despite their squabbling, the Skaven pose a significant threat. Their sheer numbers and relentless tactics demand a resolute and well-prepared Stormcast Eternals army. By understanding the motivations and tactics of the Skaven Great Clans, you can prepare your celestial warriors to meet the Vermintide head-on and purge the Mortal Realms of this festering blight.

Celestial Warriors: Iconic Stormcast Eternals Units

The Stormcast Eternals of the Skaventide launch box offer a potent combination of resilience and offensive might. Leading the charge are the Lord-Vigilant on Gryph-stalker, a mounted hero wielding a hallowed greataxe and commanding the battlefield from atop a loyal gryph-stalker. For unwavering defense, the Liberators form a resolute shieldwall, their Sigmarite armor deflecting Skaven blows. Meanwhile, the cloaked Reclusians inspire their allies with righteous fervor while unleashing withering psychic attacks. Rounding out the force are the swift and deadly Prosecutors, soaring through the air and unleashing volleys of stormcast bolts to thin the ranks of the encroaching Vermintide. This combination of leadership, defense, psychic might, and ranged firepower equips your Stormcast Eternals army to dominate the battlefield and vanquish the forces of Chaos.

Armory of the Heavens: Stormcast Eternal Weapons and Relics

The Stormcast Eternals of the Skaventide launch box are paragons of martial prowess, wielding celestial weapons and relics imbued with divine power. Their signature armament is the Sigmarite warhammer, a holy weapon capable of shattering enemy formations and channeling potent magics. For ranged combat, Stormcast Eternals are equipped with stormcast crossbows and sigmarite bows, unleashing volleys of blessed ammunition that can pierce even the toughest Skaven armor.

Alongside these core armaments, Stormcast Eternals can wield potent relics that enhance their abilities. A Sigmarite shield provides unwavering defense, while a celestial lantern bathes enemies in blinding light and disrupts their dark magic. Leaders like the Lord-Vigilant might carry a legendary weapon such as the Stormcast warhammer of Annihilation, capable of cleaving through swathes of foes in a single blow. With this arsenal of divinely-forged weapons and relics, your Stormcast Eternals are well-equipped to vanquish the Skaven menace and uphold the ideals of Order in the Mortal Realms.

A Glorious Display: Basing Your Stormcast Eternals for the Tabletop

The celestial warriors of the Stormcast Eternals deserve a base that reflects their heavenly might and unwavering purpose. Here at Minis For War, we offer a variety of options to elevate your Stormcast Eternals miniatures and create a truly stunning tabletop display.

Realm of Azyr: Imagine your Stormcast Eternals standing upon shattered platforms of celestial rock, their bases adorned with swirling clouds and crackling bolts of celestial energy. This evokes their celestial origins and connection to the God-King Sigmar himself.

War-Torn Battlefields: The Stormcast Eternals wage war across the ravaged landscapes of the Mortal Realms. Bases featuring scorched earth, shattered masonry, and pools of stagnant water create a fitting backdrop for these epic clashes.

Sigmar’s Dominion: Showcase the unwavering faith of your Stormcast Eternals with bases featuring sacred icons, holy symbols, and broken remnants of Skaven contraptions. This emphasizes their role as champions of Order reclaiming the Mortal Realms from the forces of Chaos.

Beyond the Pre-made: While our pre-designed bases offer a fantastic starting point, Minis For War also welcomes customization requests. Perhaps you envision your Stormcast Eternals standing atop the ruins of a specific city, or amidst the twisted remains of a Skaven warp gate. Our skilled artists can create custom bases that perfectly match your thematic vision.

Remember: A well-painted base not only enhances the visual appeal of your Stormcast Eternals army but also helps them stand out on the tabletop battlefield. Contact Minis For War today and discuss your basing needs – let’s create a display worthy of Sigmar’s finest warriors!

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