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Shatterpoint – Lead By Example Squad Overview

Plo Koon, Commander Wolffe and Wolfpack Troopers in Star Wars: Shatterpoint

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This is the series in which we explain how certain units from Star Wars: Shatterpoint work!

Today we will go with the wise and calm Jedi Master, Plo Koon and his companions, which are included in the Lead By Example Squad Pack.

Jedi Master Plo Koon

Unit Card

One of the most respected Jedi Masters, Plo Koon makes his way in Star Wars: Shatterpoint as an Utility Primary Unit.

His Identity ability, We Can Do This the Simple Way or the Difficult Way, is one of the most interesting Utility abilities in the game. When one of your Galactic Republic Units is targeted for an attack and it is within range 3 of Plo Koon, he may gain Exposed condition to make this unit use his own Expertise Chart for Defense instead of its own. Then if that friendly unit was Trooper or Padawan, Plo can perform a Dash toward the attacker. Despite having a very good Defense Expertise Chart in both Stances, the drawback of Exposed condition may be kinda huge.  I recommend to only use it if you know that Plo Koon isn’t exposed (hehe) to any attacks.

Two of his other abilities, I Know If We Work Together, We Will Stay Alive  and  Force Push are also very good utility abilities that allow you to reposition not only your miniatures but also your opponent’s. First one triggers at the beginning of his activation and gives you up to two Dashes – one for a friendly Galactic Republic unit and one for Plo, if the chosen friendly unit was Padawan or Trooper. On the other hand we have an ability that can help you score more. He can freely choose an opponent within Range 3 of Plo and Push it away from using Range 3 Tool. This may influence the control of the objective and win you some struggles!

Last ability in his arsenal is the well known Jedi ability, Deflect.

Stance Card

Form V Djem So is a more aggressive stance with a lot of different combinations on the Combat Tree. Up to 8 damage is supplemented by Heal, Repositions, Pinned condition or even activating his Force Push ability for free.

Form III Soresu on the other hand is a defensive/utility stance with a lot of annoying options on the Combat Tree. However, Pushes,conditions such as Pinned and Disarmed and Heal[1-3] are a reason why this stance is only up to 6-7 Damage.

As you can see, both of his Defense Expertise Charts are kinda good options for his Identity ability.

CC-3636 Commader Wolffe

Unit Card

Commander Wolffe is a leader of Wolfpack and another Secondary Unit Clone available in the game. However, Wolffe doesn’t have any of the standard Clone Troopers abilities such as Defensive Maneuvers and Brothers in Arms, replacing them with much more aggressive ones. 

At the first look we can see that instead of Defensive Maneuvers he has Run and Gun which work similarly, except you don’t get a Hunker Token but a free Focus action after dashing. Another difference is Pack Hunter in the place of Brothers in Arms. Whenever he makes a melee attack targeting an enemy that is already engaged with another Clone Trooper, he adds 2 dice to the attack roll. However, all of the Clones unit rather want to shoot than go melee. 

Flank ‘em! is his Tactical ability that allows one allied Clone Trooper unit (including himself) to perform Climb. This may be crucial as it not only offers you a reposition but you can also get to higher elevation, avoiding enemy’ cover and getting closer to the objective. 

His most broken ability if you run a Clone-centered Strike Team is Wolfpack. It opens up a way to wound your opponent’s most important units faster. Whenever your Clone Trooper makes an attack and the target is within Range 5 of another friendly Clone Trooper, the attacker’s Critical Hits cannot be modified by enemy effects. This ability kinda disable part of opponent’s unit Expertise Chart if he has something like changing Crits to Hits or Crits to Miss. 

Stance Card

Practical Strategist has a complex Combat Tree, granting utility options alongside with up to 7 damage. His Expertise Charts slightly suggest making melee attacks as his Melee Chart is kind of huge, especially when paired with his Wolfpack ability.

Padawan Ahsoka Tano

Unit Card

Despite she’s available from the beginning of the game (Promotional Miniature for Pre-Ordering the Core Set), now she is available in one of the expansion boxes.

As a secondary unit Ahsoka has great mobility. She’s useful for claiming objectives, chasing and finishing enemy units.

With hers Tactical Ability, Race Ya, Ahsoka allows one of the friendly Primary Units to dash, shortening distance between your most threatful units and enemies or moving ‘Utility Spheres’ of units such as Plo Koon. 

She is Fearless makes her mobility greater with a Jump that she can perform not once, but twice per turn. Effect is similar to having 2 Advances per turn except she can freely end her movements on any elevation.

Finally, Getting Ahead of Yourself Again, Snips, is a Reactive ability that can be used when one of your Galactic Republic Supporting Units makes a Combat Action. Right after it ends their attack, Ahsoka can Jump to the target and make 5 dice attack against it, probably finishing it off. 

Stance Card

Jar’Kai is a stance that gives you a variety of options. From Pushing, through Heal[1-3], powerful conditions such as Exposed and Strained to up to 7 damage. 

104th Wolfpack Troopers

Unit Card

There is not much to say about Wolfpack Troopers as they share Run and Gun and Pack Hunter abilities with their Commander Wolffe that is described before. They also have a Coordinated Fire ability that is normal for Clone Troopers Supporting Units. They provide a Strain condition to each enemy attacked by Galactic Republic Unit as long as that target is within Range 5 of one of Wolfpack Troopers.

Stance Card

Strength in Numbers is not a powerful Stance in context of damage (up to 4), but it’s not their speciality. They want to give your opponent maximum disadvantage as they can by Pushing and giving conditions such as Strain and Pinned resulting in negative action efficiency. 

In summary, this squad offers us new utility options for our Galactic Republic Strike Teams, especially these Clone Trooper centered. 

If you want to start your adventure with Star Wars Shatterpoint, check our Shatterpoint Guide!

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