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Shatterpoint – Ee Chee Wa Maa! Squad Overview

Leia Organa, Chief Chirpa, Paploo and Ewok Hunters in Star Wars: Shatterpoint

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This is the series in which we explain how certain units from Star Wars: Shatterpoint work!

Today we will go with the clever leader, Leia Organa and her small, furry companions, which are included in the Ee Chee Wa Maa! Squad Pack.

Leia Organa, Freedom Fighter

Leia Organa quickly received her second version in Star Wars: Shatterpoint, this time as a kinda aggressive Primary Unit.

Beside well known abilities such as Defensive Maneuver and Coordinated Fire (never underwhelm the Exposed Condition given straight before attack), Leia got a Range of 3 pretty useful abilities. One of which is her Tactical Ability, Infiltrate, that increases mobility of your units, providing one Rebel Alliance unit with an Advance at the start of her activation,

Her Identity Ability Unexpected Allies make all allied Rebel Alliance an Ewoks and vice versa. This greatly boosts your synergies across the whole Strike Team, when both your Ewoks and Rebels will benefit from each other’s abilities!

Last, but not least of her abilities is Explosive Charge. This AoE ability allows her to choose objectives and move each allied contesting character away from it, giving them Hunker Tokens, then she deals 2 damage to each unit that is still contesting it. This may allow you to wound multiple Enemy units at time, giving you a huge amount of momentum tokens and leading to winning a Struggle on its own!

Stealth Mission, her melee-centered stance is able to deal up to 7 damage, provide enemies with almost a full variety of conditions (except Exposed), Push the target multiple times and even Disengage at the last step of her Combat Tree. 

Frontal Assault is her other stance. Up to 8 damage, activating an ability for free (most likely the Explosive Charge as well as pushing and giving conditions that can ruin your opponent’s action efficiency makes this stance a really good option in nearly each combat!

Chief Chirpa

Chirpa, the Ewoks leader, is a main option for a Primary unit for Ewoks (treating Leia as a unit that is a bridge between your Ewoks and the Rebel Alliance parts of Strike Team).

Stealthy Approach is a slightly better version of Defensive Maneuver as it lets you choose between Hunker Token and Focus Action, prepping either for defense or attack. Another ability with such a defensive/offensive choice is Bola Toss, which can give either Pinned or Exposed condition. 

Next to talk about are his Innate Abilities. First of them, Mobilize the Village, buff your other Ewoks in range 4 with +1 attack dice, when Chirpa isn’t wounded. If paired with Leia, he can literally buff your whole Strike Team of Rebels and Ewoks! Second one is a Sharp Stick, an ability that buff Chief Chirpa himself. Impact [2] is a pretty common ability, but ignoring Protection is an outstanding out for the Sturdy miniatures such as Savage Opress or B2 Battle Droids.

Last of his abilities is Bright Tree Defender. This Identity Ability allows him to move and make a 5 dice attack or Heal [2] whenever an allied Ewok (or Rebel Alliance unit if Leia is on the Strike Team) is wounded.

Chief Chirpa is a melee-only character. Bright Tree Elder is a defensive/utility stance in which he is able to deny Critical Hits on the defense expertise chart as well as dealing conditions such as Strained and Disarmed. In addition he is able to deal up to 7 damage, Push 2 times and activate either Bola Toss or Stealthy Approach.

Fury of the Forest on the other hand is a complex, aggressive stance that is able to deal up to 9 damage, while also providing a variety of conditions, pushes and even disengage, depending on your choices.

Paploo, Curious Creature

Paploo is a Secondary character that has a weird variety of abilities, including defensive and offensive ones. 

Feigned Retreat allows you to disengage another friendly Ewok character providing it with Hunker Token and giving Exposed Condition to the enemy character. And here is where the fun begins. What Does This Do? allows you to use an enemy’s expertise chart, whenever Paploo attacks the unit with Exposed or Pinned Condition. This makes him a great character to attack your opponent’s Primary units as they, most of the time, have kinda powerful charts. 

Another of his abilities is Stealthy Approach just as Chirpa and Fearless and Inventive that we have described in our previous article with Boushh Leia.

Loaded Questions is a simple stance card that is able to deal up to 6 damage, given one of two conditions (Strained or Disarmed), Disengage and Push. This kind of Combat Tree implies that his playstyle should be something like “Poke & Run”.

Ewok Hunters

Last on our list today are Ewok Hunters. These ruthless killers (oh, I mean, sweet bears) have some of the common abilities such as Coordinated Fire and Stealthy Apporach. However, Camouflage is another of their abilities. Suddenly, in my opinion, it has a bad design, because you won’t be an attack target before your first activation (and by then this free Hunker Token will disappear). Last ability is Strength In Numbers and this helps to  secure big hits on the enemy units as they gain X dice to the attack roll, where X is the number of your other Ewoks engaged with the defender.

Walkabout as a stance is able to deal up to 6 damage and deal Exposed and Pinned condition. It also allows them to Climb and Push the enemy. Exposed conditions can be crucial, as the first attacking Hunters may secure the even bigger attack with it and move toward the opponent, enabling an even better attack for the second Hunters.

In summary, this squad offers us a new archetype in the game, focused on interdependence between units. 

If you want to start your adventure with Star Wars Shatterpoint, check our Shatterpoint Guide!

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