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Shatterpoint – Clone Force 99 Squad Overview

The Bad Batch in Star Wars: Shatterpoint

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This is the series in which we explain how certain units from Star Wars: Shatterpoint work!

Today we will go with the clever leader, Leia Organa and her small, furry companions, which are included in the Clone Force 99 Squad Pack.

Clone Sergeant Hunter

Unit Card

Hunter, the leader of the animation series Bad Batch is also their in-game primary unit. 

This is reflected in The Leader of the Batch identity ability. It allows each allied Clone Trooper to change one of their blank results on attack roll to hit or if they’re a Bad Batch unit they can change it to hit or expertise result. This adds a lot of damage consistency to your Strike Team, also affecting Hunter himself. 

Another of his abilities that are about blank results, It’s Hard to Copete with a Jedi, allows him to reroll up to two blanks when defending. This ability is enhanced when Hunter has an Exposed condition, allowing him to reroll all of his blank results. This ability supports his survivability and it is crucial as he is one of the best Clone Troopers units in the game, so he wants to stay on the table as long as possible.

All of his three other abilities are a different type of mobility skills, each working a bit differently. Enhanced Tracker is a Reactive Ability that allows Hunter to Dash everytime an opponent’s primary unit makes a move action. It is helpful when you want to close the gap and may be even used to capture the objectives. Striking Distance, his Active Ability, is a much more aggressive version of Defensive Maneuvers allowing to make a 5 dice melee attack instead of gaining Hunker Token. Last, but not least, We Prefer Going to Them, is a Tactical ability that allows one of the other allied Clone Troopers to Dash or if it is a Bad Batch unit it may Advance instead.

Stance Card

Huntsman is his more Ranged-centered Stance that allows him to deal up to 9 damage, with addition of a variety of conditions such as Exposed, Strained and Pinned as well as granting mobility, pushes and even Heal [2].

Knife Fighter as the name suggests is a melee-centered stance that allows Hunter to deal up to 8 damage, Strained condition, some Heals, pushes and Dash. He also has one of the most interesting Expertise Charts in the game with this stance, allowing him to dash or reposition AFTER melee attack.

Wrecker and Omega

Unit Card​

First of our Secondary Unit choice is Wrecker and Omega (notice that this is a one character, just 2 miniatures on the one base).

This unit is just incredible as a Secondary character as it both gives you a huge utility Innate Ability as well as many aggressive options. Speaking of this spicy continuous one, The Muscle of the Batch, provides us with Steadfast and Protection on all of our Bad Batch characters in Range 3, as they are also Clone Troopers. This massively boosted the resistance of our units! 

Another utility ability in their arsenal is Bulldoze which is a Tactical Ability. At the start of their activation they can dash, then if this move ends within Range 1 of at least one enemy character, one of those can be Pushed. It may be pretty useful for not only changing the course of Struggle but also Pushing enemies away from the melee range of other friendly characters. 

Going into their Aggressive abilities there are HAHAHAHA, YEAH!!! and I Wasn’t Sneaking… The first just simply provides an additional Ranged Attack Action for the cost of 2 Force Points, when the second one is more intriguing. They can deal up to 5 damage to the one enemy unit that is contesting an objective within Range 3 of them. Then if that unit was wounded by this effect you gain an additional Momentum token. This may result in not only eliminating an enemy unit from the contest but also gives you a total of two Momentum tokens (one from wounding and one from the effect), raising your chances to win the Struggle.

Stance Card

This is the first Secondary Unit that has a double sided Stance Card, representing which one of the duo takes the lead in the moment.

Boom! is when Wrecker takes the lead. He is then able to deal up to 7 damage and either double condition your enemy with Pinned and Strained or Pin them then make a Dash-Push-Dash-Push resulting in moving an enemy far away from its previous location.

Tuning Out Distractions on the other hand is when the Omega takes the lead. She is then able to mess up with enemies, dealing up to 6 damage, giving a full variety of conditions (but up to 2 at the same time), Healing [2], Pushing and Repositioning.

Due to their unique ability to perform 2 attacks in one activation, they can start by using the one attack to Expose the enemy with Tuning Out Distractions, then perform a devastating attack with the Boom!


Unit Card​

The second option for a Bad batch Secondary Unit is Crosshair, Marksman of the team.

His The Deadeye of the Batch ability is a proof of his sniping skills, not only providing him with two additional dice whenever he performs a Ranged Attack, but also it allows him to ignore the enemy cover while shooting.

His 2 other abilities also refer to his marksman skills, Trick Shot allows him to deal one damage and remove all of the opponent Hunker tokens on one of his characters at the start of his activation. This may be especially useful when facing characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi. Find the Shot on the other hand is a mobility ability that also gives him a Focus action to benefit from Sharpshooter [2].

Last ability in his arsenal, Relax, I’ll Handle This is a supportive ability that allows him to remove conditions from a friendly character that is engaged with his attack target for each Heal he has.

Stance Card

Bad Play allows him to perform devastating shots, dealing up to 9 damage pretty consistently due to a huge amount of his attack dice (10 while focused) and Hunter Ability do change Blanks to hits/expertise. In addition he can Heal [3], reposition, Pin the enemy or even Push the opponent’s character up to three times.

Echo and Tech

Unit Card​

Echo and Tech are the technicians of the Bad Batch and also a Supporting unit in-game.

The Brains of the Batch adds 1 die to both attack and defense rolls, whenever they have one or more Hunker Tokens and those can be generated pretty easily with the Keep a Low Profile Ability. Their other abilities are supportive/utility ones that either allows you to mess up with the objective Control Tokens (Fight Smarter, Not Harder) or removing conditions from allied Primary and Secondary units using Forward Planning.

Stance Card

Military Intelligence is able to deal up to 5 damage, providing enemies with conditions such as Strained and Pinned, Healing [2], Repositioning or even activating one of their abilities for free.

In summary, this Squad Pack offers us massive support for Clone Troopers strategies in the form of powerful new Clones with good synergy abilities. 

If you want to start your adventure with Star Wars Shatterpoint, check our Shatterpoint Guide!

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