Minis For War Painting Studio

Star Wars: Legion – Rebellion Alliance

“Good People Will Fight If We Lead Them.”

Hello Wargamers! It’s been quite a while since we shared anything Star Wars: Legion related. Today we are back with Rebellion Alliance! Grab yourself some warm tea and hope in!

As huge Star Wars fans, we always enjoy painting those iconic characters, we love from shows and movies 🙂 In a group you will find: C3-PO, R2-D2, their crashed Pod, Chewbacca, Jyn Erso, 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team and X-34 Land Speeders. They make pretty cool addition to any Rebel Army. Miniatures are placed at Hoth-inspired bases, colors are kept in greyish/blue tonation, making the overall look very coherent. Soon we will be publishing some new Legion releases. As always, stat tuned 🙂

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