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Star Wars: Legion – Kashyyyk Separatist Forces

Hey Wargamers!

Another Star Wars: Legion project was made by our Artist and is ready for a fight. 

Why do I want to present all figures to you?  They are quite large Separatist forces, which consist mainly of new models, painted at our High Level. If you are searching for an inspiration for your own projects, I think that these models will be perfect for you.


NR-99 Tank, known also as a “Persuader”, is a fast and heavily armored vehicle from Separatist army. It is well adapted to fighting in difficult and demanding terrain. We wanted to reflect its character by weathering techniques – applying scratches and battle damages. Wondering why the barrels are colored purple? They just fired a beam of deadly energy!


Now let’s focus on the other figures! 

The IG-100 Magnaguard droids are guardians that were made to protect the top generals of the Separatist army. Armed with powerful Electrostaff they are the perfect support on the battlefield. We used OSL technique here to imitate the glow on their coats and energy flashes. 


The whole order is completed by a squad of specialized support units. Each figure has its own unique function and in each we tried to highlight some small, interesting details such as lenses. Viper Recon Droid, EV-series Medical Droid, T-series Tactical Droid are figures that enhance your tactical options when creating an army. 

The planet Kashyyyk known from the movies was our inspiration to create the bases.

These models are ready to play – how about yours?

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