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Legion – Geonosians

Poggle the Lesser, Sun Fac and Geonosian Warriors in Star Wars: Legion

New Geonosians are a formidable force in the CIS Army in Star Wars: Legion

Without further ado, let’s go straight into the topic! The models themselves are fabulous, but they will look even better* in your army, when professionally painted. If you want to play them efficiently, we have some tips down below!

* like “incredibly fabulous”!

Poggle the Lesser

As a Commander, Poggle is a little bit fragile due to only having 4 HP on red, non-converting dice but his abilities indicate he wants to stay on your back row, supporting your Corps units.

Compel for Separatist Alliance Corps units may greatly improve positioning straight forward at the start of their activation. Entourage for B2 Battle Droids let you have better control on the activations and what’s come with it – on the AI abilities. And finally, speaking of AI keyword, Override 2 also helps you neutralize the drawbacks of Separatist army.

Last ability in his arsenal is Jump 2 which increases his mobility (due to him only having speed-1 movement). However he can’t use it when he has claimed objective token. 

His Pip-1, Let’s the Execution Begin, is a highly aggressive Command Card that not only gives the option to make two attacks during his activation, but also provides friendly droids close to him with Fire Support ability. This all things together let’s you perform two powerful attacks during Poggle activation, wow!

Pip-2, We Serve the Queen, is what changes your Geonosian Part of the army to one, big hive mind. Positioning is a key here, as Coordinate ability has quite a short range. 

Finally Pip-4,  We Make Weapons, is a powerhouse Command Card that may change the course of battle. He may effectively bring back up to 4 defeated miniatures to your side, including Special Forces or even STAP Rider or Droideka.

Sun Fac

Another named Geonosian, Sun Fac, is an Operative Unit. This one is made in a highly aggressive manner. However, like the Poggle, he is kinda vulnerable due to 5 HP and Surged, white dice in defense.

Jump 3, Scale and Death from Above is a deadly combination that allows you to ignore opponent Cover pretty often. Retinue to Poggle as well as Cover 1 may also improve his defense a bit, helping him survive. He can also give Direct Orders to Geonosians Warriors in the Command Phase.

Note that he cannot Jump while having a Claimed Objective Token, due to Weighed Down ability.

However, Sun Fac only has one Command Card on his service. Brutal Enforcer allows you to not only, most likely suppress the enemy unit, but also gain a Dodge token after moving (this may be crucial for Sun Fac due to his vulnerability and reposition 2 of your Geonosian Warrior Units.

Geonosian Warriors

Geonosian Warriors have nearly the same pros and cons as Sun Fac, having a threatening combination of Scale, Jump and Death From Above, but also being highly vulnerable. On the other hand, their Heavy Weapons are kinda interesting, especially Force Pike.

It allows you to freely swap between amounts of dice before attack or move, with one of sides providing you with Overrun attack. Sonic Cannon is an anti-armor option due to Impact 1 ability and a cool opportunity to mess with the enemy Cover due to Scatter.

And that’s all for this time. If you want a commission, feel free to contact us and check our Instagram for more of our works.

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