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Star Wars Legion – Battleforces – Separatist Invasion

The Confederacy of Independent Systems: A Separatist Movement in the Star Wars Universe

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The Confederacy of Independent Systems, formed during the Clone Wars, was a separatist movement in the Star Wars universe led by Count Dooku and comprised of various planetary systems and corporations, including the Trade Federation and Techno Union, that sought to create an independent government and military to rival the Galactic Republic, with General Grievous as one of its most feared commanders, ultimately serving as a pawn of Darth Sidious and contributing to the eventual fall of the Republic, yet its impact on the galaxy remained significant and far-reaching, as it gave rise to important characters that continued to influence the Star Wars universe.

Special Rules of List Building:

1 Commander

0-1 Operatives

4-8 Corps Units

1-2 Special Forces Units

0-3 Support Units

1-2 Heavy Units

List of Allowed Units:

Commanders: Count Dooku, General Grievous, T-Series Tactical Droid

Operatives: Maul

Corps: B1 Battle Droids

Special Forces: IG-100 MagnaGuard

Support: Droidekas, STAP Riders

Heavy: AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank

Battleforce – specific command cards:

[Pip-1] AI Coordination – First Command Card lets you give an order to one support or heavy unit. After a unit is issued an order by this card, it gains a standby token. It lets your Droidekas, for example, perform 2 powerful attacks with their Suppressive weapon in one turn.

[Pip-2] Unrelenting Assault – This one lets you give order to two Corps units. For the rest of this turn, everytime your Corps units spend an aim token during the ranged attack, another friendly unit at range 1-2 may gain an aim token. This makes your attacks more consistent.

[Pip-3] Unstoppable Advance – you give orders to 3 Corps units and each of them may perform a speed-1 move to obtain a better position before the round starts.

Short description of Strategy:

Your target is to overwhelm your opponent with the quantity of your models. “Endless hordes” of B1 Battle Droids  are perfect for dominating your opponent in scenarios like Payload, Intercept the Transmission and Key Positions. Due to Pip-1 Command Card your AAT Battle Tanks are going to be a devastating weapon, combined with its High Velocity.

Example List:

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