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AoS – Skaven Side of Skaventide

YES-YES! FOR THE GREAT HORNED RAT! - Skavens in Skaventide

The Great Horned Rat stirs! For Warhammer Age of Sigmar players, the ever-present threat of the Skaven lurks beneath the Mortal Realms. This teeming horde of ratmen, driven by madness and ambition, offers a unique challenge and a rewarding painting experience.

This comprehensive guide delves into the world of Skaven miniatures, from lore and tactics to painting techniques and expert commissions. Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or a new player starting your first Skaven warband, this guide provides you with the knowledge to unleash a truly fearsome Vermintide upon the tabletop.

We’ll explore the iconic Great Clans, each with their own distinct aesthetic – the ingenious Clan Skryre with their warped machines, the disease-ridden Clan Pestilens, and the monstrous creations of Clan Moulder. We’ll delve into painting techniques to capture the filth, fury, and cunning of the Skaven race. And for those seeking a helping claw, we’ll showcase the services of Minis For War, specialists in bringing your miniatures to life.

So, sharpen your blades (or claws) and prepare to embrace the Vermintide!

Begin Your New Age of Sigmar Journey in Style

The gnawing tide of the Skaven rises once more! With the launch of Warhammer Age of Sigmar 4th Edition on the horizon, the epic Skaventide boxed set promises to unleash a clash of the ages between the relentless ratmen and the valiant Stormcast Eternals.

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The Scourge Below: Skaven in the Mortal Realms

From the fetid depths of Blight City they scurry, a ceaseless tide of madness and malice – the Skaven. In the Mortal Realms of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar, these ratmen represent a constant threat, gnawing at the foundations of civilization and plotting their own twisted dominion. Driven by the whispers of the Great Horned Rat, a malevolent deity of ruin, the Skaven are a fractured society riddled with treachery and ambition.

Legendary Grey Seers, like the prophetic Throt the Unclean, manipulate the tides of fate, while cunning Warlord Engineers like Ikit Claw devise ever more fiendish war machines. The Great Clans, each vying for dominance, unleash their own brand of terror. Clan Skryre’s techno-barbarians brandish warp lightning cannons, while Clan Moulder’s monstrous creations like Rat Ogres rampage across the battlefield. Clan Pestilens, shrouded in disease and decay, spreads plagues that threaten to engulf entire realms.

Despite their infighting, the Skaven pose a significant threat. Their sheer numbers, fueled by a relentless breeding cycle, overwhelm even the most well-prepared defenders. Understanding their motivations, tactics, and the unique strengths of each Great Clan is vital for any who dare face the Vermintide.

A Vermintide of Miniatures: Iconic Skaven Units

The Skaven horde is a diverse tapestry of madness, and its tabletop representation reflects that variety. Here, we delve into some of the most iconic Skaven units you can unleash upon your foes:

Rat Ogres: The monstrous muscle of the Skaven army, Rat Ogres are hulking beasts stitched together from various warped creatures. These lumbering giants offer devastating close-combat power, capable of smashing through enemy lines with ease.

Warplock Jezzails: These elite Skaven snipers are armed with warplightning rifles, channeling chaotic energy into devastating long-range attacks. Their fragile frames and susceptibility to close combat require careful positioning, but a well-placed volley of warplightning can cripple even the most heavily armored foe.

Clanrats: The backbone of any Skaven army, Clanrats are a swarming tide of vicious, expendable vermin. Their low cost allows you to flood the battlefield with sheer numbers, overwhelming your opponent with a relentless wave of claws and teeth. While individually weak, Clanrats can become surprisingly resilient under the right buffs and support from other units.

Masters of Warmachines: Ratling Warpblaster and the Skaven Arsenal

The Skaven are notorious for their twisted ingenuity, crafting a vast arsenal of war machines that spew warp lightning and unleash indiscriminate destruction. A recent addition to their armory is the Ratling Warpblaster, a maniacal contraption that peppers the battlefield with a hail of warpstone bullets. This rapid-fire weapon, manned by a terrified Skaven gunner, can lay down a withering barrage, perfect for thinning enemy ranks before a charge.

Basing Your Vermin: Creating a Thematic Base for Your Skaven Miniatures

The foundation of your Skaven army extends beyond the miniature itself – the base plays a crucial role in completing the story and adding a thematic touch. Here at Minis For War, we understand the importance of a well-crafted base, and we’re proud to offer a range of high-quality, hand-made bases specifically designed to complement your Skaven miniatures.

Imagine your Clanrats swarming across a crumbling sewer grate, or a monstrous Rat Ogre charging through a twisted metal pipe. Our selection of sewer-themed bases provides the perfect starting point for your Skaven horde, capturing the dank and decaying environment of their subterranean lairs.

The Mortal Realms offer a diverse battleground for the Skaven. Minis For War also offers bases featuring ruined landscapes, scorched earth, and overgrown vegetation, allowing you to tailor the base to your chosen battleground.

While our pre-made bases offer a fantastic starting point, Minis For War also welcomes customization requests. If you have a specific vision for your Skaven army’s basing scheme, we’re happy to discuss creating custom bases that perfectly match your needs.

Skaven vs Stormcast Eternals: A Tale of Two Armies on the Painting Table

With the arrival of the Skaventide boxed set, Warhammer Age of Sigmar offers a compelling clash for aspiring painters. The set features both the relentless Skaven and the valiant Stormcast Eternals, presenting a unique opportunity to showcase your skills on two contrasting armies.

For those seeking a complete painting project, tackling the entire Skaventide box allows you to explore the rich tapestry of both factions. Minis For War’s expert painters can bring life to the Stormcast Eternals’ shining armor and heavenly weaponry, while capturing the filth, fury, and cunning of the Skaven horde.

Whether you choose to paint the full Skaventide experience or focus solely on the Skaven, Minis For War is here to help you create a stunning, tabletop-ready army that will dominate the battlefield (both visually and strategically).

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