Simple but solid painting level where we use all classic techniques and airbrush. That’s a good option when models do not have too many details.

Careful finishing

Classic modelling techniques with at least 1 layer of highlights

Good choice for core troops

Painting of simple infantry (28mm) starts from 12 GBP / 14 Euro / 14 USD

Painting of vehicles starts from 35GBP / 40 Euro / 40 USD

Ask for a quote for your project. We always focus on making a customized offer.


The most popular choice in our Studio – exceptional attention to details, advanced highlights & shades and many different painting techniques used on model. 

All advanced modelling techniques with at least 3 layers of highlights

Boost of  all details on model like lenses, crystals, energy weapons

Battle damages and weathering

Painting of infantry (28mm) starts from 17 GBP / 20 Euro / 20 USD

Painting of vehicles starts from 50 GBP / 60 Euro / 60 USD

Ask for a quote for your project. We always focus on making a customized offer.


That’s the top tier of what our Studio can offer.  The level reserved for the most unique and demanding models, which will be a real treasure and decoration of your collection.

Perfect for main heroes, elites and collectible models

Non-Metallic-Metal, Advanced OSL, Smooth Blends

A lot of classic brushwork

Ask for a quote for your project. We always focus on making a customized offer.

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Just imagine how satisfying it is to play your favorite game with fully painted army. It's time to take your gaming experience to the next level. Work with our Artists and make your collection complete!
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Where are you located?

We are Poland [EU] based. Our Studio though works with collectors from all around the Europe, North America, Australia and Asia!

What would be a timeframe for my commission?

The time needed to complete your order depends strictly on quantity and complexity of the models and is always very individual. Usually we would need around 2-4 weeks for smaller projects (up to 20 models) and 8+ weeks for big armies.

Can you get the models for me?

Of course!  We can order the models directly to our studio. It will save your time & shipping costs. In many cases we are also able to get you a discount on your miniatures!

Can I send you the models I already own?

Absolutely! You can send us your boxes, frames, bare or even primed models! On regular bases we don’t work with already semi-painted miniatures, and/or strip the old paint, but feel free to drop us a message, we will figure something out.

Do you provide WIP pictures?

We don’t provide WIP (work in progress) pictures, as we always want this „WoW” effect which can only be achieved with 100% complete models. We will be though informing you on the status of your commission.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, international bank transfers in Euro, USD, GBP, Wise and Revolut apps. At start of commission we usually need 30% pre-payment and rest of funds directly before shipping of finished models.