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Getting ready for the new Age of Sigmar? Let our artist bring your armies to life!

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From those who answer our question and decide to order their army painting, we will choose one winner to receive a free, unpainted Age of Sigmar: Skaventide starter set (you won’t have to order it by yourself!). Plus, three additional winners will receive a free painting of one hero from their ordered army.

Begin your new Age of Sigmar journey in style - Let our expert artists bring your Stormcast Eternals and Skavens to life, right from the starter box.
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  • When you fill out the form and make a down payment before 27.06, you’ll enter our contest. 
  • Order painting services from our Studio, answer the question and you could win a free Skaventide set. Yes, you are not wrong. If you decide to paint this kit with us, chances are we will buy the models for you!
  • Additionally, from all participants who sign up and make a down payment, three lucky winners will get one painted hero for their army for free!

Do you want your army to look extraordinary?
Your epic AoS battles begin with our brushes.

Prepare for the new Age of Sigmar 4th Edition with miniatures that are more than just game pieces – they are works of art. Our professional painting service ensures that your favourite armies will look as epic as their lore.

As dedicated gamers, we know the impact that exquisitely painted miniatures can have on your Age of Sigmar experience.

Stand out with armies that reflect your passion and dedication to the hobby. Whether you’re preparing for a friendly game, a major tournament, or want to put the army on a shelf, your miniatures will impress and inspire. Experience the difference that professional painting can make!


You can trust our experience

We are Minis For War — commision painting studio from Poland. Our journey began in 2017, fueled by a shared love for wargaming and miniatures. With a single desk in a small apartment, we set out to create something special. Through your trust and our dedication, we’ve grown into an exceptionally equipped workshop brimming with talented artists. Now, we’re ready to help you realize your own creative vision like your new Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Scaventide box!

You want to see a glimpse of our past creations and get inspired for your own project?

Believe our customers

First time getting the mini painting done with you guys and to be honest for the service, the time it took to paint and ship the price is really good. It's nice to have you guys buy, build and paint the minis at a professional level and get it done at such a fast pace.
Mini looks great! A tough model to paint but I think it looks wonderful. Shipped fast and wrapped perfectly. Will definitely be on the lookout for more!

Our simple process

Step 1: Send your request

Fill out the form on this page to let us know your interest in our premium painting service for your Age of Sigmar miniatures.

Step 2: We reply with options

We’ll get back to you with the possibilities for your project and ask for any additional details we need to create your perfect miniatures.

Step 3: Provide details & recieve quote

Respond to our inquiry with the specifics of your vision for your armies. Based on your details, we’ll provide a detailed price quote for the painting service.

Step 4: Accept & pay advance

Once you’re happy with the price and quality, accept the offer and pay a 30% advance to secure your spot.

Step 5: Confirmation & updates

Your spot is now reserved. We’ll give you an estimated time frame for completing your project. 

Start your legend and unleash the glory of new Age of Sigmar with our premium painting service

From Unboxed to Unforgettable - Let our artists turn your Age of Sigmar starter set into a masterpiece. Order now and watch your armies shine!