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Necromunda – Mix of Gangs

House Cawdor

House Cawdor is one of the major Houses in the sprawling hive city of Necromunda. They are known for their fervent devotion to the Imperial Cult, a religious sect that dominates their lives. Cawdor gang members often wear tattered robes and masks as they believe they are cleansing the underhive of heretics and sinners in the name of the Emperor. Their weapons are jury-rigged and often adorned with religious iconography. House Cawdor gangs are fanatical and relentless, seeing themselves as holy crusaders on a divine mission to purify the hive city.

House Van Saar

House Van Saar is known for its technological prowess in the gritty world of Necromunda. They are the masters of advanced weaponry and high-tech gear. The members of House Van Saar often sport sleek suits, protective goggles, and carry energy weapons that outmatch those of other Houses. They are a secretive and reclusive House, with most of their activities shrouded in mystery. Van Saar gangs are feared for their technological superiority and ability to field formidable firepower.

House Goliath

House Goliath is a House of brute strength and physical dominance in Necromunda. Members of House Goliath are genetically engineered for size and muscle, making them imposing figures in the underhive. Goliath gang members are heavily augmented and often sport bionic enhancements, making them exceptionally tough and resilient. They excel in close combat and are known for their brutal, up-close fighting style. House Goliath gangs are all about raw power and brawn, thriving in the harsh and unforgiving environment of the underhive.

House Orlock

House Orlock, also known as the “House of Iron,” is a prominent faction in the world of Necromunda. They are masters of industry and mining, with their members often working in the lower levels of the hive city, extracting vital resources. Orlock gangers are characterized by their rugged appearance, wearing durable leather and metal clothing. They favor traditional ballistic weapons, such as shotguns and autoguns, reflecting their blue-collar roots. House Orlock gangs are known for their resilience, adaptability, and resourcefulness, making them a formidable force in the underhive.

House Escher

House Escher is a unique and striking House within the Necromunda setting. Comprised mostly of women, Escher gang members are known for their agility, cunning, and chem-enhanced combat abilities. They often wear sleek, form-fitting suits and sport exotic hairstyles and body modifications. Escher gangs specialize in chemical and toxin-based weaponry, including poisoned blades and gas weapons. They excel at hit-and-run tactics and guerilla warfare, relying on speed and stealth to outmaneuver their opponents. House Escher is a deadly and enigmatic force in the underhive, known for their poison-tipped blades and acrobatic combat style.

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