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May the 4th – Unusual Star Wars Projects

May the 4th - Our Most Interesting Star Wars Projects!

Hello there!

Today is a special day for all fans of the George Lucas Universe – the Star Wars Day. On this occasion we want to look back at some of our most interesting, big or unusual commissions from A Galaxy Far, Far Away! Through the years of our painting adventure we have had the opportunity to paint MANY Star Wars miniatures and a lot of them are very unique. We don’t fear unusual projects after all and we’re ready to take on even the hardest challenges to make unique miniatures for you – fans, players and collectors! Without further ado, let’s reminisce about some of these projects!

Biggest Project: Star Wars Collectible Miniatures

Did you know that all of the Collectible Star Wars miniatures that we post are a part of the one big collection? Hundreds of Trooperscharactersspecial miniatures and even a terrains that recreates Jabba’s Palace, all of that in the hands of just one person. Amazing!

Unusual Projects: Ewok Care Bears Pattern & Gungans Army for SW: Legion

A commission doesn’t have to be big to be unique, and these two armies are the perfect examples. Unusual color patterns or even a whole custom army is where our Artists shine with their imagination!

Interesting Project: Order66 Designs Heresy Empire

An extraordinary mix of the two universes? Don’t mind if I do! We’ve painted these miniatures for the official Kickstarter of Order66 Designs. This mix of the Star Wars and Warhammer 40k Universes was not only challenging, but very fun to paint!

Project Like No Other: Scarif Terrain Set

Most of our projects are miniatures. We also make and sell bases on our Etsy store. But sometimes, there are projects like this. This is the fully modular, Scarif-inspired terrain set. All parts are either hand made (palms for example) or 3D Printed (bunkers, shield generators). That was a challenge, but the final result is stunning!

If you want a commission, feel free to contact us!

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