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Legion – Separatists White

“You disappoint me.”

Hello there!

We want to show you some CIS miniatures for Star Wars: Legion. These ones are painted in an alternate, white color scheme.

Confederacy of Independent Systems, simply referred to as Separatists, was a confederate breakaway government formed of star systems which had withdrawn as member-worlds of the Galactic Republic. Established by Count Dooku, a fallen Jedi Master, also known as Darth Tyranus now. The Confederacy was founded from a belief of excessive taxation and corruption within the Republics’ Senate. They were supported by the Trade Federation, Stalgasin Hive, Intergalactic Banking Clan, Techno Union, Commerce Guild, Corporate Alliance and Retail Caucus.

There you can see miniatures such as Count Dooku, B2 Battle Droids and Droidekas.

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