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Inifnity – ALEPH (Steel Phalanx)

Unleash the Steel Phalanx: An ALEPH Primer for Infinity Painters

Here at our Studio, we’ve spent countless hours bringing the Infinity universe to life on the tabletop. With years of experience painting Infinity miniatures, we’ve witnessed the unique character and detail poured into every model. And let’s face it, Infinity is unlike any other wargame. The sculpts are instantly recognizable – a stormtrooper just wouldn’t blend in with a fireteam of Nomads! Today, we’re diving into one of the most remarkable armies in the Human Sphere: ALEPH.

ALEPH: The Jovian AI and its Steel Phalanx

ALEPH, the enigmatic artificial intelligence nestled within a Jovian orbital station, is a major player in the Human Sphere. With its own agenda and a ruthless efficiency, ALEPH utilizes advanced technology and elite human troops to achieve its goals. One such force is the Steel Phalanx, a specialized military arm known for its unwavering aggression and brutal assaults.

The Myrmidons: Shock Troops of ALEPH

The Steel Phalanx is a haven for the Myrmidons, heavily armored and fiercely loyal human soldiers. Their unwavering dedication and advanced weaponry make them a nightmare for any enemy, particularly the Combined Army which ALEPH despises. The Myrmidons’ leader, the legendary Achilles, embodies the spirit of the Steel Phalanx – a relentless offensive juggernaut.

Origins of the Steel Phalanx: A Mystery Unfolds

The exact origins of the Steel Phalanx remain shrouded in some secrecy. Some whisper that they were vat-grown clones, genetically engineered for unwavering obedience and unmatched physical prowess. Others believe they are a special breed of humanity, honed through generations of rigorous training and advanced psychological conditioning. Whatever their origins, the Myrmidons are a terrifyingly effective fighting force, unwavering in their loyalty to ALEPH and their relentless pursuit of its objectives.

The Myrmidon Code: Duty, Honor, and Steel

The Myrmidons live by a strict code of honor and unwavering loyalty. Their training emphasizes self-sacrifice for the greater good and obedience to the tactical directives issued by ALEPH’s central intelligence. This unwavering adherence to duty makes them a formidable force on the battlefield, but also raises questions about their free will and humanity. Are they simply tools of ALEPH, or do they hold their own sense of purpose within the grand machinations of the Jovian AI?

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