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How to Start – Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

How to Start - Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Edition

Did you know that the Fallout universe got their own tabletop miniature game? No matter if you’re a veteran of Fallout games from the very beginning (it was 27 years ago!) or started with the recent Fallout series on Amazon Prime Video, this game will bring you even more deeper into the Wastelands! 

Okay, but what is this game?

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare isn’t your unequivocal miniature game! It may be a fast-paced skirmish wargame, as well as a deep setup for a Role-Playing campaign! No matter which choice you’ll make – we are here to tell you How to Start! Professionally painted miniatures are even a step further to an immersion this game can put you in. And guess who can paint them for you. We’re open to talk about details to make your dream miniatures painted and live like never before!

How to Start - Core Set and Important informations

If you want to start, you need the Core Set first. Here you will find nearly all things you should need to play Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. You can find more information on the infographic below.

How to Start - Vast of Expansions

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare offers you a lot of expansions to choose from and most of them are available online in the dedicated App, mentioned earlier. Full cross section – from Role-Playing setup to terrain rules and missions – you will find everything you need to play. Down below you can read about each expansion and decide – which of them you are interested in.

So no matter if…

…You are a competitive player who wants to participate in tournaments and crush the opponents…

…a home-bird that wants to casually play with friends…

…or you just love the Fallout lore and want to be a part of that phenomenal universe…

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare offers you this and even more!

If you want us to professionally paint your miniatures for deeper immersion, you can contact us!

If you are still not convinced, check our Fallout projects in the gallery down below (you can click images to go into a blogpost with a showcase of more painted miniatures).

You can also look at all available miniatures on the official Webstore of Modiphius.

These miniatures will also pair well with some of our prepainted bases.


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