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Dungeons & Dragons – Monsters

Hello Wargamers!

Today, we would like to remind you “good old times” when friendly meetings on RPG sessions were on the daily bases.

Dungeons & Dragons is a heroic role-playing game take place in a fantasy world. You will find yourself in a world of magic, powerful deities and exotic races. Each player, except for one, leads his hero in a team that experiences fantastic adventures together. The last participant takes the role of the game master who oversees the gameplay and describes the world as the players see it. RPG sessions do not have a fixed course and theme.

On the pictures, we are showing you three mythical monsters, that would be perfect addition for your D&D sessions. For painter’s point of view, all of them are pretty interesting. We wasn’t following any paritcualr painting scheme, just did them, how we would imagine Bone Golem, Stone Golem and a Dragon. Have you ever played D&D before? If not, that might be a perfect time catch a bug and be ready, when everything will be back to normal 🙂

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