We can professionaly prepare your models for any wargame and board games


    We set all order details

    You receive a quotation and the date of completion

    You make an advance payment equal to 30% of commission value
    Purchase of models for the order

    Shipping your figures to our Studio
    We assemble and paint your models

    We send you a photo session of painted miniatures
    You pay for the rest of the order (70%)

    We send your models

We work with all popular scales (6 mm / 10mm / 15mm / 20mm / 28mm) and systems such as:

Age of Sigmar / Warhammer 40 000

Lord of the Rings / Hobbit
Star Wars: Legion/ Warmachine

Hordes / Malifaux / Infinity
Hail Caesar / Pike&Shotte / Black Powder

Bolt Action / Saga/ Warmaster

Flames of War / Dropzone Commander
and many others!

Remember, we are not limited to the standard and we are ready for unusual projects!


  • Level of painting ideal for regular games
  • Careful finishing
  • Basic modelling techniques and 1-2 layers of highlights
  • Affordable price for painting armies
  • Painting of simple, core infantry models (28mm) starts from 12 GBP / 14 EUR / 16 USD
  • Painting of vehicles (28mm) starts from 39 GBP / 45 EUR / 50 USD
  • Ask for an individual pricing of your order!
  • Perfect for hero and elite models and special forces
  • Exceptional attention to details and finish
  • Advanced modelling techniques and 3-5 layers of highlights
  • Crystals, energy weapons, hot metal effects
  • Battle damages Weathering (environmental effects)
  • Painting of infantry models (28mm) starts from 25 GBP / 30 EUR / 34 USD
  • Painting of vehicles (28mm) starts from 60 GBP / 70 EUR / 80 USD
  • Ask for an individual pricing of your order!

The cost of preparing the model includes: cutting out of frames / removal of the mould lines/ drilling of the barrels and exhaust pipes / gluing the model / filling in the gaps and joints with the use of modelling putty.

We also offer magnetization of parts and conversions (not requiring sculpting).

The above information refers to the most popular 28mm scale. If you want to order minis in 6 mm / 10 mm / 15 mm / 20 mm – contact us and send an e-mail to


  • Static grass
  • Sand
  • Basic colours
  • Static grass
  • Sand
  • Rocks and stones
  • Varied tufts, underbrush, and bushes
  • Basic weathering
  • City bases
  • Resin bases painting
  • Rocks, stones, sand
  • Varied tufts, underbrush, and bushes
  • Advanced weathering
  • Water effect
  • Additional bits (skulls, scrap, weapons)
  • Extended city bases
  • Rolling pin textures
  • High quality of painting


A prepayment of 30% of order value is required for the start. Payments are made through PayPal system or bank transfer.
There is nothing to prevent you from sending to our studio the figures from your collection! We can also purchase models on your behalf from one of our local distributors. We are able to offer competitive discounts.
If you are thinking of a new army, we can divide your payments into convenient monthly instalments. This will allow you to gradually expand your forces, without burdening your budget.
Our packages are perfectly protected. We use bubble wrap and foam to pack models. Careful packaging makes our figurines reach the farthest corners of the world intact.


We have a fully operational 3D resin printers farm and are able to print the files you provide:

  • Additional weapons / wargear / bits
  • Single models
  • Units
  • Full armies

Jest send us a message and get a quote –

We also sell models made under license – check our webstore.


1. Where are you based?

We are Poland [EU] based. Our Studio though works with Gamers from all around the Europe, North America, Australia and Asia!

2. What would be a timeframe for my commission?

The time needed to complete your order depends strictly on quantity and complexity of the models and is always very individual. Usually we would need around 2-4 weeks for smaller projects (up to 20 models) and 6-8+ weeks for big armies.

3. Can you get the models for me?

Of course!  We are happy to order the models directly to our studio! In many cases we are also able to get you a discount on your miniatures!

4. Can I send you the models I already own?

Absolutely! You can send us your boxes, frames, bare or even primed models! On regular bases we don’t work with already semi-painted miniatures, but feel free to drop us a message, we will figure something out.

5. Do you provide WIP pictures?

We don’t provide WIP pictures, as we always want this „WoW” effect which can only be achieved with 100% complete models. We will be though updating you on the status of your commission regularly

6. What type of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, international bank transfers, Wise and Revolut.


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